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Our high standards and rigorous, in-depth screening process guarantees that you receive only the most capable, skilled and qualified candidates, whether expatriates or local nationals.  MSELECT's expansive resources, targeted industry expertise and unique local market knowledge are distinctively positioned to secure only the most suitable candidates for the positions you need to fill.

Outsourced Payroll

The benefits of outsourcing your payroll to MSELECT apply to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our managed payroll service can help you deal with the complexities of paying your staff and complying with local governing laws. Our specialist team will provide you with a timely, accurate, efficient, and economical service that will be specifically tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

HR Consultancy

Our HR team combines local and international expertise enabling us to guide our clients with familiarity of the local requirements while fully understanding their business needs. We provide legal advice and Labor Code interpretation, assist with Policy development, alignment and localization. Our approach is to view each of our client as a unique project and through one-on-one consultations develop customized solutions and cost-effective programs.

Learning & Development

mselect offers an extensive catalogue of internationally accredited courses in a variety of technical, vocational, and soft skills subjects. Our experienced Learning & Development team has been building capacity in the workforce of some of the largest global corporations operating in our region and offering newly hired staff enhanced skills in order to ensure their success in the workplace.


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All their services are impressively delivered and I am pleased with their outstanding professionalism.I strongly recommend the services of MSELECT in Iraq.

Bassem Chalak

MSELECT have always supported me as an outsourced employee to one of their clients and have given me advice when needed at a professional level and have always maintained the standards set in their terms and conditions.

Hersh Mohammad

Their understanding of local market dynamics and customer's requirements have always been recognised.

Hemen Martani

ACDI/VOCA Iraq is pleased to recommend MSELECT as one of the best local partners with whom we have had the privilege of working. Their expertise and attention to detail and their management and oversight of projects make them a tremendous asset to the people of lraq who have benefited enormously from their work.

Hugh Brown - ACDI/VOCA

We are pleased to recommend the services provided by MSELECT, our staffing partner in Iraq since 2018. We are more than satisfied with them and will continue to work with them.

Rassa Taaeb - HKN Energy

MSELECT would be an asset to any international organisation, as they have a deep understanding of and respect for the Iraqi landscape and people, including the myriad ethnic and religious sectors that populate the region, while at the same time bringing international perspectives, experience and knowledge to the table.

Jason Kajer - USAID


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