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Anti-Slavery Policy

Commitment to Ethical Supply Chains and Modern Slavery Eradication


Slavery is not a thing of the past. The United Nations estimates that approximately 50 million people around the world are trapped in modern slavery.

At mselect, our collective resolve finds expression in a definite purpose: to confront and extinguish the scourge of modern slavery that casts a cloud over the global landscape. In our unwavering stride towards progress, we are driven by a mission - to nurture and propagate ethical supply chains that serve as formidable bulwarks against the pernicious forces of human trafficking and labour exploitation.

The spectre of modern slavery looms large, ensnaring countless lives in its intricate web. Recognizing the gravity of this global crisis, we respond to the clear call for heightened transparency and exacting accountability. Armed with an unyielding commitment, we navigate the intricate contours of our supply chains, meticulously investigating and comprehensively reporting our day-to-day activities to ensure their absolute immunity from the stain of these deplorable practices.

Guided by the principle of transparency, we wield proactive measures as instruments for uncovering and nullifying potential risks. In an epoch where brand integrity hinges on uncompromising ethical standards and heightened consumer consciousness, compliance transcends beyond what is obligatory - it resonates as a profound testament to our organisational values, and a resolute embodiment of our unwavering commitment to upholding human dignity and safeguarding fundamental rights.

With steadfast diligence, we create formidable defences against the encroachment of modern slavery. Leveraging several performance indicators, we chart our progress in real-time, ensuring that our supply chains evolve into examples of resilience and impervious to the clutches of modern slavery.

Our pledge echoes a resounding commitment to transformative action. By meticulously aligning our operations with regulatory frameworks, we underscore the resounding impact of purposeful action, fostering an ecosystem where ethical practices proliferate and serve as a model for emulation.

In the spirit of transparency, we will expedite the delivery of our comprehensive transparency statement, rendering it accessible across several languages to transcend boundaries. At mselect, we embrace the culture of collective responsibility. Together, we can forge a bright future wherein supply chains stand as models of integrity, illuminating a path towards a world emancipated from the shackles of modern slavery.