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Permanent Hire

The permanent hire service that delivers top talent who’ll want to stay

Sourcing the right person for the job isn’t just about finding an immediate fit; it’s about finding an employee you can nurture and develop. That’s a challenging task.


mselect is home to a team of recruitment experts who have steadily built a network of outstanding candidates. We regularly work with the biggest brands globally to permanently hire the best talent for an array of industries.


Our time in the recruitment business has given us a clear perspective on attracting and retaining the right candidates.


We understand that you need an employee who is:


  • Engaged and creative

  • A perfect fit for where you are today and where you’ll be tomorrow

  • A great addition to your productive team

  • And will help improve your bottom line


We’ve also learnt how to optimise your compensation and retention frameworks so that employees see a longer-term future with you - giving you the confidence that a hire today means a partnership in your push to success.

How to get started with a permanent hire search at mselect

Meeting you is where it all starts. We’ll dive into understanding your company, your vision and what you need in an employee to help you achieve this.


We will help you structure your compensation package to reflect your industry, the job market and talent requirements.


After this, our expert team jumps into action, and the search begins. Our magic is in knowing our community of candidates so we can find a selection of people you’ll want to meet. And because we know their career goals, retention becomes a lot easier - your only problem is who to choose!


Ready to start searching for your next permanent hire? Contact us today at