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Corporate Formation Services

We offer Corporate Formation Services for the UAE, Qatar and KSA

Trusted Corporate Formation Services are the cornerstone of your overseas expansion plan. The right partner can provide advice and strategy when complicated legal processes feel overwhelming.


As experts in this field, mselect is proud to announce that we are open to working with you across the UAE, Qatar and KSA regions.


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Why are corporate formations tricky in UAE, Qatar and KSA?

Corporate formations can be tricky in general. If you are expanding to the UAE, Qatar, and KSA there are several further considerations, including:


●       Multi-region regulation complexity - Simply saying you'll "expand across the UAE, Qatar, and KSA regions" doesn't quite represent the reality of tackling the vast differences from region to region. Each state or country has laws regarding company formations based on industry and type. Each regulation has its complex paperwork. Choosing the right company formation agents makes all the difference!

●       Language barrier - The official languages of the UAE, Qatar, and KSA are Arabic (with regional dialect variations). While English is widely spoken in these countries, it is essential to have all corporate formation documents translated into Arabic to ensure they are valid and enforceable. Again, the right company formation agent will handle all this for you.

●       Cultural differences - The UAE, Qatar, and KSA are all Muslim-majority countries with unique cultures and traditions. It is essential to be aware of these cultural differences during the corporate formation process. The right company formation agent will handle themselves respectfully and with integrity on your behalf.


Here are some specific examples of the challenges that can arise during corporate formation in the UAE, Qatar, and KSA:


●       Choosing the right business structure - There are various business structures to choose from in the UAE, Qatar, and KSA, each with advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the right business structure for your needs is crucial, considering factors such as the level of foreign ownership permitted and the tax implications.

●       Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses - Many types of UAE, Qatar, and KSA businesses require specific permits and licenses to operate. The permits and licenses necessary will vary depending on the type of business and the industry in which it will work.

●       Opening a business bank account - Opening a business account in the UAE, Qatar, and KSA can be challenging for foreigners. Banks may have specific requirements for opening business bank accounts, such as providing documentation of the company's formation and obtaining a business tax ID number.


Your considerations as you approach your expansion into UAE, Qatar and KSA

Partnering with a local business can be a great way to access local knowledge and expertise. It can also help you to navigate the local regulatory landscape. Having someone who can speak the language and understands the law will be your most efficient use of time and money.


You'll want to ensure your local partner is well-established, delivers the highest quality and goes the extra mile. Working with provincial legislature and governing bodies can be challenging. You want a team on your side who can be proactive at every turn to meet deadlines and avoid delays.


More than that, once your company incorporation is complete, you'll want to act fast on creating a base of operations, which will include real estate, site setup and staff. Having a team on the ground who can act on your behalf is a great asset.


mselect's Corporate Formation Services

At mselect, we have a base(s) of operations in each location: UAE, Qatar, and KSA, each staffed with the best legal teams. We provide detailed corporate formation services for each region and can even work with you across region-to-region borders. Need the formation of a company in Qatar; we can do that. Need to do the same in UAE? That's no problem for us!


We can help you set up any business, from sole proprietors to PJSC or FreeZone companies. We can also help you plan and develop your business sites once your company is a legal entity through our outsourcing and recruitment programmes.


mselect is more than just your company formation agents; we are your long-term local partners.


Choose mselect - where company formations are made simple. Contact us today!