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Executive Search

The executive search service that delivers outstanding leadership in C Suite, VP and Directors

Finding the right executive candidates can take a lot of time and money; what's more, their leadership skills directly affect your bottom line. That’s why finding the right fit can feel so overwhelming.


Let mselect solve that for you!


mselect has been pivotal in recruiting outstanding leadership talent to global brands in the MENA region. This has given us a great pool of talent to draw from and a unique industry-based perspective on skill sets, which makes exec search with us a more targeted and fruitful process.


We understand that you need an executive who can:


  • Seamlessly fit into the culture you wish to create.

  • Yet can still drive positive change where needed.

  • Inspire your workforce to deliver stronger results.

  • And can turn your vision into a reality.


We also know how to structure your compensation and retention frameworks so that they stay once we’ve found the perfect fit. Giving you the confidence to concentrate on running your business and breaking new ground.

How to get started with exec search at mselect

Every successful hire starts with meeting you. We need to understand your company, your vision (goals) and what you need in an executive to help you achieve this.


We will work with you on a robust compensation package reflective of your industry and talent requirements.


From here, our expert team jumps into action, and the search begins. Remember, we have built an extensive network of executives in the MENA region, so we know exactly who is who and their long-term goals.


Selection is made easy because of this. As too is creating a retention plan because we already know your candidates.


Ready to start making strides with better executive leadership? Contact us today at