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Learning Solutions

mselect recognises that each organisation has unique learning needs. We strive for the perfect, tailored-solution for each client.

Taking this approach, mselect has evolved to provide more comprehensive workforce learning and development solutions to our clients. We can also provide the following:

  • ‘fee for delivery’ services, such as training course delivery

  • strategic workforce development services such as competency management and L&D consultancy


With a constant focus on innovation, smart working methods, and an integrated approach to service delivery, mselect is best placed to support the workforce learning and development requirements in.



mselect’s workforce management services to date have focused on delivering quality training programs, which meet international accreditation wherever possible. This includes public courses, which are open to any organisation or individual, and private, even customised courses to suit the organisation’s needs.

 mselect’s public course calendar can be seen here

Workforce Management Services

mselect has introduced an enhanced workforce service for the energy industry to assist clients in developing the skilled workforce needed to fulfil their business objectives.


Therefore, to deliver a more comprehensive workforce management service we are expanding our workforce Competency Management and 'Learning & Development’ capabilities.


Development of staff to their potential and to the company’s maximum benefit requires identification of workforce skills grounded in the context of the company’s business needs.


The means of developing these skills are varied, clearly including training, but ideally embracing work experience, mentoring, and personal investment by staff.


We understand this represents a significant management effort but our experience positions us well to understand and deliver such services.


The mselect workforce management system is built around a Competency Model. This model is typically one which has been previously adopted by the client but mselect can also advise on appropriate models.


The objective is to build a learning and development plan for clients’ staff. We believe this will lead to more efficient use of industry L&D resources (including better-aligned programs offered by mselect).


Workforce Management Process

The process (of building a learning and development plan) that mselect would propose for any client, starts with assessment of the current workforce capability.


Many clients come to mselect with a training needs assessment or training ‘lists’ developed from performance reviews or other internal processes.


While these are usually valid needs, they often do not represent a rigorous assessment of skills needs, derived from analysing workforce competency assessments against business needs.


mselect proposes to engage with clients to understand how their workforce skills needs assessments are currently being undertaken, to encourage the use of a competency model as the structure for such competency assessments, and to understand business needs. mselect can then assist clients in aligning their learning and development programs to these needs.


mselect can provide the above workforce management services, in-country, that would otherwise require clients to engage HR staff or obtain support from head office.


We need to stress that we would undertake such learning and development reviews using the clients' existing or preferred skills or competency models. We encourage clients to have such models to provide the foundation for skills needs assessments. mselect is aligned to any particular model.



Competency Assessment

The first step is assessing the competency of the work unit staff. This can be a simple qualitative process or a rigorous analytical review. The latter requires that a sophisticated assessment system already exists


This assessment provides a skills inventory.


Skills Need Assessment

The skills development needs of the organisation unit are then assessed by comparing the inventory of skills to the company’s business needs, ideally in the form of a workforce plan. Again, this can only take the form of a rigorous process if the assessment and plan exist to support that. Otherwise, it requires engagement with work unit leaders and senior staff to identify the needs.

Learning & Development Planning

At this point, it is vital that the company is clear as to how it intends to build its workforce capability – what is the model?


This might be a commitment to apprenticeship-type staff programs, meaning adherence to an industry (or in-house) program that has a formal learning and assessment process. Usually, these are internationally recognised programs and deliver internationally recognised qualifications.


Such qualifications are an incentive for employees to learn and also a demonstration by the company of diligence in meeting quality standards.


A simpler model might be a standard set of training courses that all staff is required to undertake.


Using the company-adopted model, the skills development needs can be used to create a learning and development program for the work unit.


Learning & Development Implementation

Implementation of any plan is the key to success. This takes resources and other commitments such as:

  • providing staff time ‘away from work ’for training.

  • Setting expectations on senior staff to mentor and coach junior staff

  • Requiring regular reviews of program progress by supervisors and managers

  • Incentivising employee engagement

  • Providing eLearning resources


Our experience is that a company’s commitments are often underestimated. By making this a more explicit process we believe the success of the investment in learning and development costs is far more likely


mselect can provide services to support the L&D program, primarily those shown on the preceding diagram (in blue) but we can also participate with the company’s management in those parts of the program that are primarily delivered by the company.


mselect can also provide clients with a management system to track, document, and program workforce L&D activities.


Industry platforms available through mselect

Competency Management Platform

For Clients without a competency model, mselect proposes to manage clients’ workforce competency via our platform, designed specifically to map and manage workforce competence.


We can also use this platform to assure internal and external stakeholders that workforce capabilities and training comply with operational and regulatory requirements.


Our state-of-the-art platform can analyse the workforce of an individual business unit, a specific asset, or the organization as a whole.


Modules of the platform that mselect can offer to clients to help manage their current L&D plans:

Competency Management

Stores competency profiles for all the roles in your organization supports online assessments and records evidence of your workforce’s attainment.

Training Management

Facilitates the scheduling and coordination of physical & practical training, incorporating the Training Matrix and automatically generating training recertification reminders.

eLearning Opportunity

mselect can provide clients with our own unique and locally managed eLearning platform through Zaneen. Zaneen is the first eLearning platform in Iraq, aimed at businesses that want to upskill their staff quickly and cost-effectively.


Zaneen hosts hundreds of certified workplace courses from internationally recognised accrediting bodies and training providers.


Accredited By: IOSH, NEBOSH, RoSPA, OPITO, IIRSM, CPD, APM, APMG, AXELOS, PeopleCert, and many other international course accreditors.

Provided By: Oilennium, British Safety Council, Highfield, IHRDC, Mintra, Corelearning, and more.

Zaneen also offers a Learning Management System, to facilitate training programs, with a private client area specific to your staff:


  • to provide customized training,

  • monitoring of progress,

  • measuring KPIs,

  • staff onboarding orientation.


Zaneen can also be used to facilitate live-online and blended learning solutions.

Online English Language Training

English Language competency is vital in most jobs, and essential in all sectors.


mselect can provide your local national workforce with English learning services

through, SpeakEnglish, our online English language teaching service from mselect in partnership with Really English a globally recognised English course provider from the UK (supported by the UK Department of International Trade).


  • Locally managed by mselect, offering quicker access to technical support. UK support staff are also available for content queries.

  • Huge option of English language courses to select from (IELTS, EAP, General English, Business English).

  • Purchase licenses in bulk and have your staff upskilled in a timely manner.

  • Your staff can Improve their English at their own pace.

  • Cost effective and user-friendly.

  • Students are able to learn without the need for an internet connection allowing for a study where Wi-Fi is not available.

  • Students will get certificates upon completion.

  •  Company staff can use SpeakEnglish anywhere, anytime using the Learn English Now app, available on Android and IOS devices.