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Advanced Leadership And Management (Cpd)
Advanced Leadership and Management (CPD)

Start April 10th 2023

Ends April 12th 2023



​The aim of this course is to introduce concepts of successful leadership and management, including ways of working in a modern, professional workplace environment. It will help participants understand and develop the best ways to motivate and further themselves particularly in the current situation while improving their confidence in the workplace. The training can also enable participants to form a set of affirmative values and develop self-understanding to integrate these values into their...

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Advanced Communication Skills (CPD)

Start April 17th 2023

Ends April 19th 2023



​Being able to communicate effectively is a critical life skill that influences our degree of professional success. The course gives an overview of many of the main communication styles and provides details on how you can improve your skills to get the best results in all of your future interactions. The course will provide you with a broad range of core communication principles; so that you can start communicating with greater confidence in every area of your life.

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Time Management

Start May 3rd 2023

Ends May 4th 2023



​The two-day training course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn skills to improve how they manage their time in order to maximize their potential. The training will help participants increase work effectiveness and productivity, achieve greater control of their daily activities, and overcome stress particularly in situations of workload pressure and emergencies. In other words, it helps you schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule!

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Hostile Environment Awareness (HEAT)

Start May 7th 2023

Ends May 11th 2023



​Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course is designed for those working in the world's most challenging environments, whether you work for a media outlet, NGO, charity or the hostile security sector - our dynamic, fully loaded course will give you the knowledge to survive against the odds.The five-day course offers a mix of advanced theoretical and practical sessions of simulated exercises.

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Financial Reporting

Start May 7th 2023

Ends May 17th 2023



​Gain a strong foundation in financial reporting concepts and methods, and use your skills to prepare and analyse financial statements. This course will provide you with a strong understanding of the conceptual foundations and mechanics of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).You will develop professional judgment and critical thinking skills to help you become more fluent in accounting discussions.

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Logistics Management

Start May 7th 2023

Ends May 18th 2023



​Logistics is a vital part of supply chain management that is utilised to plan, implement and control the flow and storage of goods and services in order to meet requirements. In this course, you will learn how proper logistics management can lead to improved efficiency, seamless delivery, quality assurance and can be the key to a successful supply chain.

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Proposal Writing for Organizations

Start May 8th 2023

Ends May 11th 2023



​Developing successful proposals is essential to securing funding and conducting the programming your organization wants to do. However, learning how to write a successful proposal can be an overwhelming process. This five-day training will walk through a standard proposal template step-by-step, reviewing what donors are looking for within each section and taking time to review samples and practice writing our own.

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Understanding Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

Start May 9th 2023

Ends May 11th 2023



​This Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training programme looks at how we behave at work and how our behaviour may affect those around us. It addresses unacceptable behaviour, stereotyping, victimisation and discrimination.

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Advanced Sales Skills

Start May 9th 2023

Ends May 10th 2023



This two day extensive sales training program will guide participants towards uncovering the "Right" skill set and mind set a professional sales person should possess. From controlling conversations with customers to asking the right questions to uncover customer's needs, this program will enhance sales staff's ability to connect better with customers, overcome objections and close the sale confidently and effectively delivering commercial and sales objectives.

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