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Code of Practice - Training


mselect is a leading provider of training, development and capacity-building services. mselect works across the industry to maintain and improve qualifications, specialized skills and vocational training.  We strive to integrate and maintain quality standards throughout the sector via a “best practices” approach to developing and delivering training courses, seminars, workshops and other forms of information-delivery services.

mselect’s Code of Practice for Training and Development embodies rights, relationships, responsibilities and professional standards and aims to clarify the its role and responsibilities as a Training Provider in relation to quality assurance and setting a benchmark for an acceptable standard of training provision.

The Objectives of the Code of Practice are:

  • To raise standards of conduct and professionalism in the training industry across our region.

  • To establish, publicize and maintain standards of ethical behavior in delivering training and qualifications.

  • To protect clients and learners against poor practice and failure of quality training provision.

  • To provide clients and learners the opportunity to raise complaints about poor quality training provision or issues of professional misconduct.


In this Code of Practice:

  • "Client" means any person or organization that enters into a contract with a provider for training in information technology.

  • "Course" means any complete program of training.

  • "Learner" means any person taking a course.

The Code of Practice for mselect’s Training and Development Department is as follows:


mselect will:

1.1   Promote the rights and opportunities for individuals to take up personal learning and development.

1.2   Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being and their ultimate right to self-determination. Specifically, everyone must be treated equitably and sensitively within the context of their activity and ability – regardless of gender, age, disability, occupation, ethnic origin, color, cultural background, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or political opinion.

1.3   Ensure due account is taken of an individual’s level of achievement and prior learning.

1.4 Accept the level, status and categories previously awarded by MSELECT and which should be recognized as prior learning and experience.

1.5 Not condone or allow to go unchallenged any form of discrimination, nor to publicly criticize or engage in demeaning descriptions of others.

1.6 Be discreet in any conversations and not impart any personal information about learners, results of examinations, tests or assessments to any third person without consent.


mselect will:

2.1 Develop a relationship with learners based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.

2.2 Not engage in or tolerate behavior that constitutes any form of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, bullying, etc.).

2.3 Always promote the welfare and best interests of learners, and encourage and guide them to accept responsibility for their own behavior and actions in training and in their relationships with others.

2.4 Clarify to clients and learners in advance the number of sessions/time commitments, training fees, methods of payment, and any other potential costs involved in undertaking the training/qualification.


mselect will:

3.1 Ensure all tutors and employees demonstrate proper personal behavior and conduct at all times.

3.2 Be fair, honest and considerate to all learners, potential learners and others working in professional development sector, and will display control, respect, dignity and professionalism.

3.3 Set out and adhere to protocols for the provision of learner support and assessment decisions to ensure tutors and other employees do not find themselves in a vulnerable position requiring them to exert their own discretion.

3.4 Not smoke, drink alcohol or use recreational drugs before or while teaching, or take actions which could compromise the safety of learners.

3.5 Not promote practices which might jeopardize the safety, well-being and future participation of their learners, nor should providers advocate or condone the use of prohibited drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances.

3.6 Ensure that the activities and training programs we advocate and direct are appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the learners.

3.7 Have valid public liability insurance, professional indemnity, product and employer’s liability cover to adequately and appropriately cover their legal liability in the event of any claim being made.

3.8 Ensure to uphold and abide by relevant health and safety at work policies, and as far as is reasonably possible, protect the safety of learners at all times.

3.9 Recognize the diverse needs of learners and make reasonable adjustments for those with particular requirements to enable them to have fair and equal access to qualifications, assessment and to demonstrate attainment.


mselect will:

4.1 Maintain our subject and occupational competence at all times.

4.2 Confine ourselves to practice those activities for which their own training and competence is recognized by awarding organizations, the government and its agencies.

4.3 Promote learners’ achievement towards attaining a high level of competence through encouraging a commitment to ongoing learning and development.

4.4 Promote the execution of safe and effective practice and plan all sessions so that they meet intended learning outcomes and expectations of learners.

4.5 Seek to achieve and maintain up-to-date knowledge of technical developments in the industry, and to support the use of the international learning standards.

4.6 Not assume responsibility for any role for which we are not qualified or prepared.

4.7 Only use the names and titles of ‘Award,’ ‘Certificate’ and ‘Diploma’ for recognized qualifications as appropriate.

4.8 Make sure all learners are given a clear explanation of the outcome in terms of achievement of qualification, training, number of CPD points, etc.

4.9 Not deliberately mislead learners in the expected outcome from undertaking endorsed training.

4.10 Welcome evaluation and external assessment of their work by MSELECT and be able to account to learners, employers, and trade associations.

4.11 Not make false claim or representation about our company or training/qualification.

4.12 Not make any false statements or value judgments about any other training provider.

4.13 Respond to any comments, suggestions or complaints made by clients or learners to MSELECT.

4.14 Ensure that all marketing materials, online and otherwise, accurately represent the relevant sector and are presented professionally and without error.


5.1 This Code of Practice and details of mselect’s endorsements and qualifications are available for distribution to all interested parties.

5.2 Any complaints received for poor practice or failure in quality training provision by the training provider will be referred to mselect’s Customer Care Division for follow-through.

5.3 Any certificates awarded to learners will, where applicable, carry appropriate logos of both MSELECT and partner organizations, where appropriate.


Technical Proposals

Prior to a client contracting for training services, mselect shall make information available on:

  • Title of the course or group of courses

  • Training performance objectives to be achieved or expected outcomes

  • Training Needs Analysis services available from the provider

  • Certification, if any, for which the course is designed to prepare learners, and the name of the awarding body

  • Methods of evaluation and conditions for awarding or withholding of completion certification

  • Syllabus of the course indicating the emphasis placed on each section, including practical work

  • Duration of the course or program and its starting and finishing times

  • Training methods used and indication of class size

  • Profile of the learners for whom the course is designed, including prerequisite and/or desirable experience

  • Practical work that learners carry out including a statement of the available equipment

  • What support is provided to learners during or after they have attended the course or program

  • Other information available by request, including details of the qualifications and experience of tutors

In addition, prospective clients shall, at their own expense, be given the opportunity to inspect the training facilities if so required.

Commercial Proposals

In pre-contract quotations, mselect shall state:

  • Specifically what products and services are included in the proposal and quotation

  • Total cost and payment schedule if payment is by installments

  • Any reserved rights to change the content, timetable, location, date and fee in respect of any course

  • Rights of the client and provider if for any reason the course is not completed or if the course is cancelled by either client or provider

  • Refund policy, if any, the responsibility for payment of fees and the associated liabilities of the client

  • That MSELECT subscribes to and abides by its Training and Development Department’s Code of Practice