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Code of Conduct

We believe that the credibility and reputation of mselect is shaped by the collective conduct of our staff

We truly believe that we can advance our profession, both individually and collectively, by embracing this Code of Conduct.

Who is the Code of Conduct for?

Every employee at mselect must follow the Code of Conduct. Contract staff must also follow the Code. Contractors or consultants who are our agents or working on our behalf or in our name, through outsourcing of services, processes or any business activity, will be required to act consistently with the Code when acting on our behalf. Independent contractors or consultants will be made aware of the Code as it applies to our staff in their dealings with them. Joint Venture companies not under mselect control are encouraged by mselect to adopt similar principles and standards.

Respect for Work relationships

  • a)  In order to establish trust and build productive work relationships, you must exercise due diligence and observe high standards of accuracy of information, advice given and timeliness, to both clients and work seekers.

  • b) Treat all clients with respect and aim to work in a fair and open competitive environment.

  • c)  This standard also seeks to emphasise the importance of applying an ethical and professional approach to customer service standards at all times.

Respect for confidentiality and Privacy

You must observe and respect the confidentiality of your clients and work seekers and ensure this is maintained at all stages of the recruitment process. 

Respect for laws

  • a) You must comply with all relevant legislation, statutory and non-statutory codes and official guidance that will impact on your role.

Respect for diversity

  • a) You must ensure that you treat all clients and work seekers with dignity and respect, and aim to provide employment opportunities based on objective business and competency related criteria.

  • b) You should always promote fair recruitment practices.

  • c) You should not act on an instruction from a client that may be discriminatory and, where possible, you should provide guidance to clients in respect of good diversity practice.

Commitment to professional development

  • a) You should ensure that you are well informed about recruitment practices, and that you continually seek to improve your knowledge, skills and qualification base. 

  • b) Use your knowledge to encourage clients to trust your professionalism.


You should treat others fairly and with respect. Discrimination and harassment are unacceptable.

Fair Opportunities

mselect will ensure that its employment-related decisions are based on relevant qualifications, merit, performance and other job-related factors. mselect will not tolerate unlawful discrimination relating to employment.

You should respect everyone you deal with and behave fairly towards them according to mselect's core values. You should understand the value of diversity and never discriminate.

  • You should base hiring, evaluation, promotion, training, development, discipline, compensation and termination decisions on qualifications, merit, performance and business considerations only.

  • Do not discriminate according to race, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or ethnic origin.

  • Be aware of local legislation and cultural factors that may impact decisions.


Treat others with respect and avoid situations that may be perceived as inappropriate. Challenge someone if you find their behaviour hostile, intimidating or humiliating. Harassment can result in disciplinary action and may lead to dismissal.

  • Do not physically or verbally intimidate or humiliate others.

  • Never make inappropriate jokes or comments. If you are unsure whether something is inappropriate assume that it is.

  • Never distribute or display offensive or derogatory material, including pictures.

  • Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell a person if you are upset by his or her actions or behaviour. Explain why and ask them to stop.


mselect does not tolerate bribery, fraud or money laundering. Facilitation payments are bribes and must not be paid.

  • Never offer, pay or accept a personal payment, gift or favour in return for favourable treatment, to influence a business outcome or to gain any business advantage.

  • Ensure people you work with understand bribery and corruption is unacceptable.

  • Tell mselect if you suspect or know of corruption in mselect or in any party (company or individual) mselect does business with.

Use of IT

  • Ensure your personal use of mselect IT and communication facilities is occasional and brief.

  • Do not use the mselect data storage space on the network for entertainment purposes or to store your personal data.

  • Remain in control of the IT and communication facilities you are responsible for if others use them.

  • Do not upload, download, send or view pornography or other indecent or objectionable material or material that is illegal or which could cause offence, anxiety, inconvenience or annoyance to your colleagues.

  • Include the mselect name or brand in your business communications but remove it from personal emails.

  • Do not use mselect faculties to conduct your own business activities.

Data Privacy and Protection

You must safeguard information about individuals. This information includes name and contact details, employment and financial information, age and nationality. Information on race or ethnic origin, religion or philosophical beliefs, health or sexual orientation, criminal behaviour or trade union membership is sensitive personal data and subject to stricter controls. MSELECT respects the basic right of individuals – including employees, clients and suppliers – to privacy.

You must respect a person’s right to privacy and follow mselect's internal privacy rules when gathering or using their data. Personal information about individuals must be protected from misuse. You must follow correct procedures when collecting, using and sharing this data. Failure to keep personal data confidential and secure could lead to dismissal. Protect personnel and business files which contain personal data.


Your communications are a reflection on mselect. Ensure your communications are necessary and appropriate. Ensure you adhere to all rules and follow all guidelines. Failure to safeguard information can damage mselect's reputation and its ability to conduct business effectively. Inappropriate, inaccurate or careless communication can create serious reputation, liability and compliance risks for you and mselect.

The Principles

In your business communications:

  • Do not mislead;

  • Do not write speculative opinions;

  • Do not exaggerate; 

  • Do not engage in ‘casual conversation’ on sensitive or confidential matters; and

  • Do not joke about serious matters.

mselect Staff Core Values and General Business Principles

Following our core values and Business Principles, it instructs and advises you how to avoid situations that may damage you or mselect.

  • Rules

  • Standards

  • Expected Behaviours

General Business Principles

mselect's Core Values: Honesty, Integrity and Respect for People are the foundation of our business principles. The Business principles apply to all transactions, large or small, and drive the behaviour expected of every employee at mselect.

We are judged by how we act. Our reputation will be upheld if we act in accordance with the law and the Business principles. We encourage our business partners to live by them or by equivalent principles.

It is the responsibility of management to lead by example, to ensure that all employees are aware of these principles, and behave in accordance with the spirit as well as with the letter of this statement.

The Business principles have been fundamental to how we conduct our business and living by them is crucial to our continued success at mselect.

Responsibilities to Business Partners

For business partnerships where we look to seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and in joint ventures and to promote the application of these mselect General Business principles or equivalent principles in such relationships. The ability to promote these principles effectively will be an important factor in the decision to enter into or remain in such relationships