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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your office hours?

Please check office hours for each of our locations on the Contact Us page.

2. How do I register on your website?

Click on the “Register” link on the main page, then provide your email address, create a password, and upload your CV. 

3. How do I apply for a job?

Candidates are required to register on our website and fill in the CV form. Once this is complete, they may apply to jobs for which they qualify by clicking “Apply” on the Job Description page.

4. When returning to your website how do I log in?

Click on “Candidate Login” on the homepage. You must be logged into our website before applying for jobs.

5. Why can’t I find the name of the employer in the Job Description?

The name of the employer is kept confidential until the candidate is shortlisted for the vacancy.

6. Why is the salary not shown for some vacancies?

In some cases, the salary is negotiable depending on the candidate's qualifications and experience.

7. What are the work details? (annual leave, working hours, location)

Please contact the recruitment consultant responsible for the vacancy in order to be informed of these details. You may find the consultant’s contact information in the Job Description.

8. Are candidates charged for your services?

Candidates are not charged for registration, interviews, placements, or any other part of the job-seeking process.

9. What happens after I apply?

The recruitment consultant responsible for the vacancy reviews all applicant CVs and will contact candidates who have been shortlisted for the vacancy.

10. When can I expect feedback?

Usually within 1 to 2 weeks. Please note, however, that ONLY candidates who are shortlisted for the vacancy will be contacted, this is due to the large number of applications we receive.

12. Why do I not hear back when applying for jobs?

There are several possible reasons. For example, you may have applied after your CVs have already been submitted to the employer, or your CV may not be 100% suitable for the vacancy. If you would like more detailed feedback, please call the recruitment consultant listed for the vacancy and ask why you did not qualify.

13. What is the dress code for an interview?

The dress code for attending an interview is always formal (business suit and tie for men, similar business attire for women). Check with your recruitment consultant for more information on this.

14. Who makes the hiring decision?

mselect provides employers with a shortlist of the most qualified applicants, but the employer always makes the final hiring decision.

15. If I am not accepted for a vacancy, will I be informed? Who will inform me?

Candidates who attended an interview and were not accepted will be notified by the recruitment consultant via email.