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Environmental Impact

Our dedication to tackling the climate emergency is paramount, and we recognise the importance of action. We are making significant strides toward a more sustainable future by proactively working to improve our environmental impact.

Lowering our emissions

We aim to lower our carbon-zero position across all our MENA and Europe locations.


Results and commitments

●       mselect staff meet online where possible, and we travel less, meaning less transport and flights.

●       We also offer remote and hybrid roles so that staff consciously produce less carbon emissions.

Conserving resources

To strengthen our emissions work, we aim to conserve more yearly resource use.


Results and commitments

●       We currently use solar energy in two offices, which will be rolled out to the remaining offices in time.

●       Our focus on efficient and renewable energy also covers installing better efficient AC systems in our head office.

●       All staff are reminded to watch water use and take measures to conserve water within our buildings.

Promoting sustainable working practice

Part of our environmental remit centres around promoting sustainable working practices in-house and with our partners, respecting the beautiful landscapes we work in.


Results and commitments

●       Printing has been reduced significantly across our operation, meaning less waste.

●       We have also introduced a “no more plastic bottles” policy, encouraging all staff to use supplied filter water with reusable bottles.

●       We only purchase sustainably sourced coffee beans throughout our business.

●       We run a “source locally first” policy, ensuring that supplies travel less and we support local economies.

●       Our team is trained regularly from onboarding to annual refreshers to ensure that we learn and practice improved sustainable methods of operation.

●       We are providing free workshops from our training team for suppliers and contractors on the theme of sustainable business.