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Our Tools

At mselect, we use various tools to provide our clients with comprehensive workforce management and business development solutions. Below are some of the tools we use to ensure that our clients always get the best service:

1. User-Friendly Website

Our website is designed to make it easy for candidates to create profiles, complete a CV, review interview and resume tutorials, and submit applications. This user-friendly website ensures we can quickly locate and contact qualified candidates for further screening.

2. Multi-Pronged Advertising Approach

We create and place advertisements in targeted local media, including magazines, newspapers, and websites. This multi-pronged approach ensures that we reach a diverse range of candidates with an array of skill sets and backgrounds.

3. Active Social Media Presence

Our consultants fully engage in all social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These platforms are now indispensable in the staffing and recruitment process, and we use them to connect with our community of candidates and share job postings.

4. Recruitment Partnerships with Top Universities

We have developed and maintained recruitment partnerships with top universities throughout the Middle East. These relationships allow us to access a talented pool of graduates eager to start their careers.

5. Extensive Network of Business Leaders

We have long-standing working relationships with an extensive network of business leaders and management teams from major companies in every district of the Middle Eastern countries we work in. This network is a significant asset for our clients and job seekers.

6. Foreign Recruiting and Staffing Partnerships

In cases where candidates with specific skill requirements cannot be sourced in-country, we have foreign recruiting and staffing partnerships that enable us to source the needed technical contractors, especially in the energy sector. These partnerships allow us to give our clients the specialised talent they need to succeed.

7. In-house recruiters in different countries and time zones

In each country of operation, we have our own in-house team of experts for clients to use. They are readily available, allowing our clients quick and detailed responses to their queries. Each recruiter has strong connections to our community of candidates, ensuring clients get the best applicants for any role.

8. In-house recruiters with different sector expertise

We pick our expert recruiters based on their excellence in understanding the sector they work with. Their attention to detail and insider knowledge means clients see more than just a good candidate match but a great match - one that will positively impact productivity and innovation.

9. Advanced workforce management and BPO technology

We have invested heavily in developing our leading workforce management and BPO technology. The result of this has given our team the lead in areas like tracking applications, processing payroll and delivering high-end L&D courses.

10. Unbiased screening, onboarding and HR services

Our company takes pride in providing unbiased screening, onboarding, and HR services. We recognise the importance of unbiased hiring and strive to eliminate any biases affecting our hiring process. Our screening process is thorough and fair, ensuring all candidates are evaluated based on experience, skills and qualifications. We also have a well-structured onboarding process that helps new hires transition smoothly into their roles. Our HR services are designed to support employees and ensure they are treated fairly and consistently with respect.