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Gazprom case study: Staff training and development in Iraq by mselect

Investment in Learning and Development (L&D) is paramount if you want your staff to grow and help you take your business further. But what's the best way to do that across a large organisation in a relatively new region?


For Gazprom, that was an important question they had to answer, and in this case study, we will show you how mselect was able to provide workplace learning solutions for their local national employees.


How mselect provided training facilitation to Gazprom in Iraq

As an integrated oil and gas company, Gazprom employs staff covering the exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sales functions. All of that requires a wide range of employee skills across various areas.


At mselect, we are HR and L&D experts in the oil and gas industry, serving many organisations in Iraq, so we knew we already had several courses available to help Gazprom with the right learning program. We also knew we had the expertise to identify and develop specific training to tailor our services to this client's needs.


Having tested us with a smaller training-related contract, Gazprom were more than happy to extend our partnership to complete L&D design and provision.


Our mandate

Our three-year L&D program provides Gazprom staff members with a full suite of training and development services (courses and certifications) in Iraq, broken down into three major types:


  1. Soft skills and leadership training - Training courses developed especially for Gazprom staff in alignment with the business structure.

  2. Customised mselect training programs - training courses and certifications from mselect's training catalogue, customised to the client's industry and job requirements.

  3. Third-party training - professional and technical competencies training and certification performed by third parties and facilitated by mselect for Gazprom upon their request.



The challenges


For any project with multiple moving parts, there will always be challenges (in this case, third-party training provision and fast-paced staff workflows). In a project like this, our main challenge is "people" logistics - ensuring we have the right staff and trainers available on suitable days.


To counter this, our team focuses on two vital elements: open and swift communication and rigorous planning. We ensure that there are multiple options to deliver high-quality training in a reasonable timeframe and that we understand the value of everyone's time.


So far, we have had just one instance where a trainer was unavailable due to a flight cancellation and acted quickly to coordinate the shift in training by one day with a replacement provider. Same training, same high quality. Working quickly allowed the Gazprom team to avoid any potential downtime.




The results


Robust organisational L&D is part of our continued commitment to HR excellence, so working on this Iraq-based project allowed us to show what our team can do.


Planning a suite of high-end courses takes time, but luckily, we already have a lot of experience in Iraq and with an organisation of this size. That meant we could either customise or merge existing courses to create what Gazprom needed whilst maintaining high levels of quality assurance.


Delivered up to now:


       We provided 15 training courses to Gazprom staff across all tiers, from ground level to management.

       10 staff members of Gazprom are now internationally certified in various topics such as transportation and logistics, supply chain management, well control, welding inspection, etc.


As a direct result, Gazprom has seen a marked rise in work efficiency and proficiency across their Iraqi team.



mselect's L&D services


Here's what you can expect when you work with us.


       Internationally accredited training facilities - Our regional reputation puts us at the forefront of L&D program design. With multiple sites across the Middle East, we can deliver certified courses across various industries, ensuring you receive increased productivity and efficiencies from your team.


       Detailed workforce management process - We will maintain and develop a strategy of workforce management that fits your unique organisational needs. By ensuring we get to know your staff, we can spot potential L&D opportunities before they arise, meaning you have trained staff on every job.


       Skilled learning and development planning - We will create a syllabus of training that supports your business workflows from entry-level staff to leadership progression. By giving you a full spectrum of L&D, we can help develop your team for business success.


       Considered training implementation - We have implemented many large-scale workforce and training management systems for clients. By aligning our work alongside your HR processes and business goals, we can avoid operational downtime, meaning you have a more considered approach to L&D facilitation.


       Engaging e-learning to complement in-person training - We believe that e-learning naturally compliments and enhances in-person L&D, so we have invested heavily in creating an engaging prospectus that allows your staff opportunities to train in a way that suits their need. By giving your staff more autonomy, we can also help you achieve higher development rates.


 Are you seeking experienced L&D services? Contact mselect today to see how we can help