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Our Approach to Learning and Development

mselect follows the Learner-Centered Constructivist Approach to teaching, which is based on the belief that learning occurs when learners are actively involved in a process of meaning and knowledge construction, rather than passively receiving information. In this type of setting, learners are fully engaged, the environment is democratic, the activities are interactive and student-centered, and the teacher facilitates a process of learning in which learners are encouraged to be responsible and autonomous.

mselect’s trainers incorporate the most contemporary teaching methods in their workshops to encourage learner engagement and participation. They also conduct break-out sessions for smaller group discussions and use role-playing and case studies for a better understanding and application of the concepts being taught.

Class size is small (usually not more than 15-20 participants), and benchmarking evaluations are given at the beginning and end of each course to measure incremental learning and to ensure comprehension of the materials by the participants.

mselect also closely monitors and evaluates each training session and submits regular updates and reports afterward to the client. This includes the following methods:

  • Attendance records of participants signed by MSELECT and the seminar leaders.

  • Summary report for the training covering in general terms the effectiveness of the training, any issues encountered, and recommendations for future training.

  • Training activities report written by the trainers indicating methodology used (lecture, demonstration, etc.).

  • Course evaluations completed by the participants, with data compiled and broken out into pie chart format so clients can easily understand and calculate the feedback.

  • High-quality photographs of each training session.