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Iraqi Diaspora

The Arabic and Kurdish Diaspora refers to native Iraqis who have left for other countries as emigrants or refugees, this is now one of the largest in modern times.

However, in the last few years Iraqis seem far removed from this stereotypical image as the country experiences an economic boom and is becoming a lucrative market for sectors such a hospitality, leisure, oil, retail, aviation and even advertising.

With the Iraqi government and the autonomous Kurdish region offering stability of exchange rates, favorable tax and customs exemptions this is proving to be an attractive place for many overseas workers but most importantly for the overseas Iraqis to come back home and thrive.

Mselect has offices in ErbilBaghdad and Basra, staffed by an international team with a background in recruitment that is geared to encourage the shaping of this change; we plan on growing together with the market. We are placing many overseas Iraqis who have worked abroad and now want to come home and profit from their work experiences abroad and aid their country grow. From the oil sector companies to the retail market there are constantly available positions open that are offering attractive salaries and packages which include benefits such as medical cover, accommodation, meal allowances and transport.

Mselect is increasingly growing and we are now registered at the Iraqi and KRG representation offices around the world such as London, Washington and Madrid.

We are also very active on social media such as FacebookTwitter and Linked In, where we advertise all our current vacancies on a daily basis, not to mention our website that is now the most visited in Iraq for recruitment.

Let’s rebuild Iraq!