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How SpeakEnglish helped the Faruk Investment Group improve efficiencies

Sometimes your meaning can get lost in translation, especially when the person you are communicating with doesn’t share the same first language or you are struggling with a second language. This is particularly problematic if you run a global business with offices and clients across the world.


In this case study, we will be looking at our work with Faruk Holding (Faruk Investment Group) and how we implemented staff English language training to solve this problem.

The language problem and SpeakEnglish

Faruk Holding came to us in May of 2022 to improve their staff’s English communication, specific to business and the workplace.


As an international company, staff works with clients and sometimes colleagues from around the world. Their command of the English language is critical in the efficiency of their service delivery and in-house productivity. Realising this Faruk Holding reached out to mselect.


Assessing the scope of the project we determined that our SpeakEnglish online training course would be the best solution.

What is SpeakEnglish and why was it the best solution?

As leading language trainers in the business world, we understand how important strong communication is for our clients. If their staff are proficient in a central language they can communicate across borders easily; delivering more confident pitches to clients, handling customer service more sympathetically, and collaborating with their team more effectively.


Given the remit for Faruk Holding’s businesses, we understood very quickly that they would need a language programme that could be accessed at any time, on any device. This is where our online SpeakEnglish programme comes into its own.


SpeakEnglish is mselect’s online language learning platform. We specialise in high-quality English language training, which provides a base for further development under one of our Business specific certifications. In this case, as many of the Faruk Holding staff already had a good understanding of basic English, we determined our Business English (B1 & B2) would be the best solution.


This 4-month, 60-hour course provides language training devoted to building a wider knowledge base for:

  • Meetings and discussions

  • Negotiations and sales

  • Oral presentations and Q&As

  • Problems and complaints

  • Projects and plans

  • Small talk and networking

  • Telephoning and conference calls


“As a participant in the English Language Course prepared and presented by mselect between 6/6/2022 to 26/9/2022, which was divided into two main parts. One of them was Business English and I completed all the tasks in this part. The other one was Word Mine Business Trainer and I got my certificates in both parts. I would like to mention that I benefited a lot from the course as my English improved especially writing emails and communicating with my colleagues.”

- Khuncha Abdalkarim Salih. Legal Department Specialist, Faruk Investment Group.


Covering over 600 key expressions and scenarios your staff is likely to encounter, lessons build on language skills that are transferable across different industries and work settings.


The course and materials are delivered by app, so staff can choose when, where, and how they interact and learn English. We have found this method of training very successful across every layer of staff, from blue-collar to white-collar workers. As a result of higher engagement, we see better pass rates which is a great thing for our clients.


“My experience with MSelect Business English was excellent because it simultaneously improves your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. And its adaptability enables you to balance your work and education. I received my certificate, and I highly suggest this course—especially if you work an 8 to 5 job! “

- Zhulia Taha Saeed. HR Coordinator, Faruk Investment Group.

Regular progress reports are also available for HR teams to track staff growth, which makes the process of learning and development within the HR function that much easier to set against regular performance goals.

Key takeaways from delivering SpeakEnglish to Faruk Investment Group

Of the staff trained over the first 4-month period, we saw a 100% pass rate - excellent news for Faruk Holding which was keen to maximise its investment in critical staff.


Among those employees, the key success metric was a brighter confidence in handling important communications in a second language, English.



Do you have staff who currently struggle to communicate effectively in English? Contact our SpeakEnglish team today and let our experts guide you to the course choices that will change the way you do business.