Diversity in the workplace: How mselect is helping global energy brands rise to the challenge

Posted on 7/02/2024
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Diversity in the workplace is paramount if energy sector companies are to bring about the innovation needed for the next phase of the industry. Achieving balance requires a new approach. mselect is offering a catalyst for change starting from grassroots recruitment, HR and outsourced staffing services.


Let's find out how global brands are taking advantage of this.


The energy sector challenges that are slowing diversity in the workplace

Historically, the energy sector has been characterised by a lack of diversity in the workplace, with the underrepresentation of women, minorities, and other marginalised groups.


If we look at one group, women, industry reports show a gross underrepresentation in the number of female employees in 2023 (23:100 female to male, or 23%). At the C-suite level, this decreases to just 5%, putting the energy sector lower than most major industries for women employed at entry-level and C-suite positions (Mckinsey 2018).


The lack of energy sector diversity can be attributed to various factors, including a traditional and male-dominated culture, occupational stereotypes, and limited opportunities for diverse talent.


However, as the industry undergoes transformations and adapts to new global challenges, there is a growing understanding of the need for a more inclusive workforce.


But what are the benefits of a more diverse working culture?


Benefits of diversity in energy sector jobs

The benefits of diversity in the energy sector can't be overstated. Diverse teams highlight different perspectives, experiences, and skill sets, fostering innovation and creativity. They are better equipped to innovate in an industry that requires constant problem-solving and adaptation.


But it's not just about innovation. Having a diverse workforce also contributes to improved global competitiveness and profitability. The energy sector is inherently international, with operations across borders. A diverse team allows companies to understand and navigate the complexities of various markets, giving them an edge in the global arena.


But perhaps one of the most significant benefits of diversity is improved decision-making. Diverse teams are proven to make smarter decisions. Including individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences ensures consideration from a broader range of perspectives when making critical business decisions. As a result, you see better outcomes and sustainable growth.


Lastly, diversity and inclusion in the workplace enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Employees who feel valued and appreciated for their unique contributions will likely remain satisfied. In turn, this attracts and retains top and emerging talent, ultimately contributing to a company's success.


How mselect is tackling diversity in the workplace for its global partners

mselect plays a pivotal role in shaping workforce composition for their clients because we are at the heart of matching employees with businesses. We recognise that regardless of the sector we work in, our contribution to diversity in the workplace sets the tone for employee experiences and your bottom line.


To create the lasting change energy sector companies need, we must take a step beyond diversity and look at inclusion. That's where we see an opportunity - the catalyst to change energy sector employment.


Diversity is inherently about representation, whereas inclusion is about how contributions and perspectives are received. Working with our clients, we are committed to contributing to advancing diversity and inclusion in the following ways:


  1. Diversifying the talent pool - We actively seek out and connect with a diverse pool of candidates, ensuring that qualified individuals from all groups are considered for relevant positions. This process involves building relationships with diverse professional networks, universities, and industry organisations.

  2. Developing unbiasedness in the hiring process - To combat unconscious biases in the recruitment process, we implement blind recruitment practices. Removing identifiable information from resumes, such as names and photos, ensures that candidates are evaluated solely on their skills, qualifications and dynamic suitability.

  3. Offering cultural competency training - We continuously train our staff on cultural competence, diversity, and inclusion principles. Training ensures that our teams are equipped to understand and appreciate the unique strengths that candidates from diverse backgrounds bring.

  4. Advocating for more inclusive policies - We work collaboratively with energy companies to advocate for and implement inclusive policies. Policies include flexible work arrangements, mentorship programs, and diversity training for existing employees and management.

  5. Developing talent from grass-root inclusion - Your team's success isn't just about who you employ but how you build their skills throughout their employee journey. We work with our clients to define L&D opportunities and deliver inclusive courses that enhance innovation through diversity.


Diversity in the workplace: The future of the energy sector

The energy sector is at a pivotal moment where making the right choices can lead to long-term success. Diversity is one of the critical factors that can help companies thrive, and mselect is here to support that.


As your trusted partner, we can help you embrace diversity and inclusion by actively seeking qualified and diverse talent, advocating for inclusive hiring practices, and fostering partnerships with companies that share our commitment to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.


We believe diversity is a moral imperative and a strategic advantage that can drive innovation, resilience, and sustainable growth - a brighter future for the energy sector.

Contact our team today, and let's make that change together.​​​

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