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Candidate Impact

Our candidates are the centre of what mselect is about, and we know that finding the perfect fit for your business is more than just checking tick boxes; it’s about finding someone with the skills and creativity to help you take your business further. That’s why we have made it our mission to empower our candidates.

Better opportunities

We believe that every candidate has the right to receive better opportunities for work. 2022 was our 10th year, and as part of our “10 years of impact and progress” campaign, we wanted to help job seekers train to find better work and build better lives.


Results and commitments

So far, we have

●       Trained and certified over 300 job seekers, for free, in fields of Information Management, Sales, Communication Skills, ISO 9001:2015, CV Writing and Job Seeking, Event Management, Achieving Success in Marketing, Public Relations Skills

●       We made our 2022 L&D report public and have promoted it among job seekers so they can see what skills employers value most. Valuable insight gives our candidates a more competitive edge.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Fairly representing our region's rich heritage and diversity of people is important to us. It is also important to give our clients an equally well-represented portfolio of candidates to choose from so they can work towards a positive DEI impact.


Results and commitments

So far,

●       mselect staff undertake annual mandatory training on anti-discrimination where inclusion and equality are promoted. These practices are then integrated into our service offer.