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Posted on 2/05/2017

MSELECT has been delivering solutions in recruitment, staff outsourcing, mobilisation and payroll to companies operating in Iran since 2016. Based in Tehran, our expert team work hard to meet your staffing needs, bringing greater efficiency, convenience and savings to your staffing processes. We match outstanding candidates with your company and take care of all associated administrative obligations.


Recruitment, payroll, HR, mobilisation and outsourcing solutions with MSELECT


We offer a free consultation regarding your needs and provide information on general job information such as salary range in different sectors and positions. All you have to do to begin the recruitment process is send us the job description for vacant positions you want to fill.



With MSELECT, your company benefits from a recruitment agency specialized in corporate hiring, corporate staff outsourcing, headhunting, HR consultancy, manpower and jobs in Tehran as well as elsewhere in Iran.


Why foreign companies in Iran choose MSELECT as their recruitment partner for hiring professional Iranian and foreign workers

  • End-to-end turnkey staffing solution

  • Expert management of the recruitment process

  • Administration of all HR obligations

  • Payroll processing

  • Periodic training courses for all your outsourced workers

  • No need for worker company registration

  • No need for workers to open new bank accounts

  • No need to devote resources to ensure compliance with Iranian worker tax obligations


We handle all this and much more, so you can focus on growing your business.


Our 9-step recruitment process to bring you the best and brightest talent in Iran


  1. Your company sends us the job title and description which you want to fill

  2. We search our extensive database of professionals for a potential match

  3. We reach out to our local network of partners and associations

  4. We publish your job vacancy across a variety of authoritative channels

  5. We examine all candidate applications and decide on a final shortlist for interview

  6. We interview the most suitable candidates

  7. Your company assesses and confirms the candidates that we recommend for a second in-company interview

  8. Your company carries out a second interview with the recommended interview candidates that have been confirmed

  9. We conduct background checks

  10. Final recruitment decision is made. In the unlikely event that recommended and confirmed interview candidates are all rejected, we return to the recruitment and headhunting process



Rekrutierung, Personalbesetzung, Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung, HR und Auslagerung Lösungen mit MSELECT.


Solutions de recrutement, de paie, de ressources humaines et d'impartition avec MSELECT.



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