How outsourced corporate training development with mselect can save time and money

Posted on 11/01/2024

Is there long-term value in outsourcing your corporate training development? In today's mselect guide, we want to show you the direct and indirect ROI in outsourced Learning and Development (L&D) because we believe you could benefit greatly.


The everyday challenges of in-house corporate training development


Corporations face two challenges in keeping L&D in-house:

●       firstly, the quality of content provided

●       and secondly, the cost of content creation and delivery.


Both impact the speed of delivery and employee development.


Achieving a balance between expediency and substance requires strategic planning. It involves streamlining internal processes, leveraging technology for efficient content creation, and establishing an adaptable, dynamic framework for delivery. It also requires specific expertise in both the subjects and teaching.


From hiring specialised staff to investing in technology and ongoing maintenance, the hidden costs can accumulate quickly. This financial strain may compromise the scope and quality of the training provided to employees - making in-house corporate training development challenging to deliver effectively.


Outsourcing L&D provides a more proficient and flexible answer. And here's why.


Time and cost savings through outsourcing corporate training development


Experienced service provision in corporate training development provides clients with a systematic and strategic approach that is well thought out and highly adaptable. Here at mselect, we have invested heavily in the infrastructure of our products and our team, meaning you can tap into what you need and when you need it.


Outsourcing also introduces efficiency. External experts, unencumbered by internal bureaucratic processes, can streamline the design and development of new training modules. From needs assessment to content creation, outsourcing minimises bottlenecks, ensuring a more agile and responsive training development process.


A streamlined approach accelerates the time to market for training initiatives and ensures that the content remains relevant and aligned with the organisation's evolving needs, compliance, and market changes. The efficiency gains become a catalyst for maintaining a competitive edge.


That is why at mselect, we work with our clients to design and deliver bespoke corporate L&D management. You can learn more about how a tailored approach works by reading our recent case study with our client, Gazprom.


Enriching outsourced L&D initiatives with expert trainers


One of the primary benefits of outsourcing through mselect is gaining access to a diverse talent pool of experienced trainers. Your team can benefit from the wisdom of professionals who deeply understand the subject matter, ensuring that training programs are informative and enriched with real-world relevance.


The benefit to your business is that you build your organisation's intellectual capital in an educational and transformative way, equipping employees with insights beyond textbook theories. As a result, it directly translates to enhanced performance in every department.


A targeted approach enriches training content and contributes significantly to the overall success of the workforce. We have seen this repeatedly in the work we deliver for clients. One example is our English language training with Faruk, where training vastly improved international communication in all business areas.


Customisation and flexibility - two critical factors in corporate training development


Off-the-shelf training solutions may address general concepts, but the real value lies in tailoring content to the organisation's specific needs and adapting it over time.


External experts can quickly update and modify training content in response to industry shifts, ensuring your employees have the latest knowledge and skills.


Adaptability ensures that training initiatives remain relevant and ahead of the curve, preparing employees to navigate new challenges.


There's also a cost-benefit here. With access to continually updated content from outsourced partners, like mselect, you aren't hit with hidden redevelopment costs.



Scalability and consistency - crucial to long-term workforce success


The ability to scale training initiatives with workforce expansion is a big challenge. In-house, you are often faced with budget restrictions and red tape. Outsourcing, however, can address the quantity and quality of training provision quicker. At mselect, it's as easy as contacting our team, discussing your needs and allowing us to do the rest.


We ensure that training content is uniform across different teams, aligning with organisational standards and objectives. This uniformity fosters a cohesive corporate culture and ensures that every employee receives the same level of training excellence, regardless of their location or department.


We also incorporate technological innovations that elevate the training experience. For example, our SpeakEnglish courses have an online component if you need them, allowing any number of your staff to train anywhere and at any time. The self-service learning complements our live and in-person offerings.


How mselect mitigates risk by safeguarding your corporate training development


We understand that your corporate training development program is critical to workforce success. By bringing stability and continuity to programs, we can help you mitigate the risks associated with staff turnover, resource constraints, or unexpected organisational changes.


We effectively reduce the likelihood of disruptions that impede the consistent delivery of quality training. We invest heavily in our global external partners and implement strategies that anticipate and address potential challenges. Our proactive approach enhances the overall resilience of your organisation's learning ecosystem, ensuring that training remains a reliable and enduring component of organisational development.


We cover a wide range of industries across the Middle East


●       Telecommunications

●       Industrial

●       Manufacturing

●       Energy

●       Retail

●       FMCG

●       IT

●       Oil & Gas

●       Construction


Speak to our team today to learn how we can help you drive more value in your corporate training development.