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Maintenance Superintendent

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    Baghdad, Iraq

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    Susan Rafat

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    over 1 year ago

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MSELECT is looking to hire a Maintenance Superintendent for an industrial and distribution group in Baghdad. Candidates must have a minimum of 8- 10 years’ experience in the Food and Beverage industry and specifically on packaging and processing equipment and be fluent in English and Arabic.

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Maintenance Manager


Supervise processing and packaging engineering crews involved in new installation, repair and maintenance activities. Responsible for ensuring packaging and processing equipment required for the execution of plant activities is in good condition and performing optimally.

Cover the maintenance role in the absence of the maintenance manager.


  • Work Planning  
  • Supervises discipline-specific technical crews involved in carrying out new installation commissioning, repair and maintenance activities. Ensures work is completed within set timeframes and to required quality standards
  • Control workload and available manpower
  • Ensure availability of material or parts at the required time
  • Ensure all staff follow the work planning procedures and focus on constant improvement of planning performance
  • Management recognizes the effectiveness of supervisory role.
  • Maintenance planning procedures are followed
  • Overall planning performance improve
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Ensure all staff follow maintenance programmes for plant, equipment and systems.
  • Review effectiveness of current programs and make recommendations for improvement or modification
  • Recommendations are well founded and are acted upon.
  • Reporting
  • Prepares detailed reports on work activities and related issues for consideration by senior colleagues      
  • Quality of reports is acknowledged by senior colleagues.
  • Technical Expertise        
  • Provides expert technical advice to solve complex technical problems and assist junior colleagues in developing their expertise.
  • Handle PLC Machine Program archive, update & trouble shooting.
  • Complex problems are solved.
  • Colleagues benefit from the experience.
  • Machine data, Recipes; PLC software’s are up to date archived.
  • Software & hard ware issues are solved.
  • Electrical hardware manuals are updated through a formal change process in case needed.
  • All Manuals are well preserved in a secure area.
  • Systems and procedures
  • Ensure all staff supply accurate data to be entered on CMMS
  • Ensure all engineering and maintenance work is captured as work orders on the CMMS
  • Ensure all modifications are controlled; approved and documented
  • Ensure all Engineering related procedures are documented; communicated and followed by all the relevant people 
  • Accurate equipment history reports available for accurate investment decision making.
  • Improve equipment availability and reliability by using accurate data for corrective and preventive maintenance planning.
  • Spare part stores and inventory control 
  • Regular review and optimization of spare parts related to processing and packaging levels with Store Supervisor         
  • Inventory levels are optimized to agreed value.
  • Requisition Approval     
  • Review and approval of requisitions for consumables, spare parts and any special tools needed to meet maintenance and project requirements. Monitors usage and maintains stock at optimum levels.
  • Consumables, spare parts and tools are readily available.
  • Stock levels are adequately maintained
  • Project Requirements   
  • Determines project requirements and in instances where current resources do not exist, initiates service requisitions for the hiring of equipment, third party repairs and inspection, testing and certification services. Forwards to Maintenance Manager for approval.
  • Recommendations are acted upon.
  • Cost control
  • Control cost of maintenance within approved budget
  • Investigate deviations and motivate such expenditures if required
  • Investigate options to reduce cost and implement viable options               
  • Maintenance cost managed and controlled within budget
  • Utility consumption       
  • Reduce utility consumptions where possible       
  • Consumption are reduced where possible
  • New Equipment              
  • Writes specifications for the purchase or leasing of new equipment and submits for approval at a higher level.  Reviews supplier quotations to ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Specifications cover requirements.
  • Bid reviews highlight any deficiencies.
  • Bid Evaluation   
  • Reviews supplier bids from both the commercial and technical aspects and recommends a preferred supplier. For small projects only.
  • Review highlights any shortcomings.
  • Recommendations are acted upon.
  • Technical Support Services         
  • Provides information on costs associated with the provision of project technical support services and forwards to Maintenance Manager for consideration.       
  • Review highlights any shortcomings.
  • Advice is acted upon.
  • Equipment Evaluation   
  • Undertakes the annual evaluation of equipment and installations and makes recommendations for any corrective action that might be deemed necessary.
  • Recommendations for corrective action are adopted.
  • Equipment Upgrades    
  • Develops and present plans to the Maintenance Manager for the upgrading of existing equipment and installations. Includes design, calculation and estimation aspects and the preparation of drawings in co-ordination with Engineering and other departments. After approval, supervise execution to ensure required work standard and expected results.      
  • Work conforms to international standards.
  • Plans successfully executed.
  • Site Inspection 
  • Undertakes site inspection visits to monitor compliance with approved project procedures and programmes.
  • Audit visits confirm compliance.
  • Incident Reports              
  • Compile incident reports where insurance claims intend to be lodged and determines the amount to be claimed. Passes to Maintenance Manager for action.       
  • Cost estimates prove to be accurate and complete.
  • Optimize manpower and structure          
  • Regular review and suggestions to optimize Engineering and Maintenance manpower strength and structure                               
  • Internal customers receive an effective engineering service based on service level agreement
  • Training & Mentoring    
  • Participates in the training and mentoring of more junior Engineers / Technicians to assist in their development and gaining of experience.              
  • Engineers / Technicians benefit from training and mentoring.
  • Leadership         
  • Motivates, develops and trains staff to ensure that the section has the necessary skill base and that staff are optimally motivated and enabled to maximize their potential and contribution
  • Staff benefit from development and training programmes.
  • Production         
  • Improve and maintain teamwork between Engineering and Production departments
  • Assist in the orientation process to get production to accept ownership of equipment which include the condition and performance of those equipment
  • Ensure operating procedures are documented and production are well trained those procedures
  • Ensure maintenance technicians are also trained in the operation procedures of the equipment.
  • Receive regular feedback of equipment efficiencies (OEE) from production and provide support on the improvement actions.
  • Ensure production commitment to make equipment available for scheduled maintenance
  • Good teamwork on all levels are maintained
  • Sense of ownership and pride on the floor is driving constant improvement.
  • Scheduled maintenance is planned in advance and done on time to minimize unplanned equipment stoppages
  • Constant improvement
  • Do Major breakdown and high cost incident investigations
  • Measure performance of problematic equipment and develop performance standards.
  • Use and optimize maintenance reports from the CMMS to get relevant data that can be utilized as basis for improvement.
  • Present improvement projects or modifications to the Maintenance Manager and manage the execution of approved improvement projects              
  • Reports available on incidents
  • Improvement plans available where required
  • Improvement projects are managed properly with positive results
  • Performance Management         
  • Undertakes appraisals to assess staff performance in the execution of assigned duties.
  • Concurrence of staff with objectivity and accuracy of assessment report.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineering Degree or Diploma from an internationally recognized tertiary institution.

Minimum Experience

  • 8- 10 years’ experience in the FMCG (Food and Beverage) industry and specifically on packaging and processing equipment
  • Proven supervisory experience and management potential.

Job-Specific Skills

  • Excellent English.
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of company core business and business process.
  • Strong communication skills and an awareness of operating in a multicultural, multinational work environment.
  • Good planning skills.


  • Influential.
  • Organizational Awareness.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Analytical Thinking.
  • Initiative.


*Only applicants meeting the strict criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process


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