How mselect is simplifying the permanent hire process in the MENA region

Posted on 23/08/2023
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Engaging and securing your next hire is a daunting process, and if you are based in the MENA region, it can feel even more complicated. There’s much to consider: differing pay rates, compensations, cross-border search and taxation.


Here at mselect we believe your search doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, we have worked on a hiring process that delivers top talent to the region's biggest global brands.


This blog post will show how we simplified our permanent hire process to help you in your next search.

The challenges of the permanent hire process in the MENA region

One of the biggest challenges to the permanent hire process in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is the lack of a unified labour market. Each country has its own labour laws and taxation, making it difficult to comply with requirements and keep up with the paperwork.


Another challenge is the shortage of skilled workers. This is due to a number of factors, including the high youth unemployment rate and the lack of investment in education and training. As a result, businesses often have to compete with each other to attract the best talent.


We see a future where finding staff from the MENA region becomes a highlight to your workforce growth and not a headache.

How mselect is making a difference to your permanent hire search

We discovered early on that there are two things we can do to make a real difference in your permanent hire experience here in the MENA region.

  1. Creating a developing talent pool

  2. Creating a water-tight hiring process

Developing our permanent hire talent pool

While searching for a recruitment partner, you will come across several businesses whose talent base is just a database. What do we mean by that? We mean that candidates are managed through system entries as they come forward. No one takes the time to get to know each of these people.


To make a difference in the MENA region's hiring challenges, we quickly identified that we needed to do so much more than this.


When a new candidate applies to join our agency, they open the door to opportunity. Our team takes time to get to know them, learning their dreams, where their skills lie and what they can learn to help them achieve more.


We introduce them to our community through certified training courses that are both vocational and confidence-building. It’s a great win for candidates who have the capacity to reach higher, but maybe not the experience.


It’s also a great win for you because we are actively shortening the gap in skilled workers.

Upgrading our permanent hire process to a borderless experience

Having operated in many countries across the MENA region for over ten years, we have learnt the differences in hiring processes and labour regulation first-hand. While there are always complications, we’d rather view it as an opportunity to pull together the best talent to fulfil our client’s needs. We do this by taking away borders as a barrier.


We have taken the time to dive deep into labour policy and build a system that quickly selects candidates based on skill match. Our templated process assists our recruitment team in understanding and identifying how hiring someone from Dubai differs from someone based in Erbil.


The permanent hire process is simplified further by automated templates that keep candidates and recruiters on track with selection and onboarding tasks to achieve your timeline.


In developing our tech, we have also invested in people, ensuring that our recruiters go beyond their mandate and develop real relationships with candidates and organisations. This is incredibly important because it engages and supports both parties through to the employee and employer relationship. Crucial for long-term retention planning.


Removing borders as a barrier opens your search to a wider talent base, which means you find your perfect fit because you are exposed to a more diverse candidate pool.


We also handle all the compliance, so hiring in the MENA region is as easy as hiring in your own neighbourhood.

Your next steps to a more efficient permanent hire process in the MENA region

Once you have identified a business opportunity in the MENA region, it’s time to start planning your setup. Part of that mission is the realisation of how you staff that new base of operations.


Contact mselect today and let us manage that entire recruitment solution for you. With us, you will find a trusted partner who understands your every staffing need.