Introducing our Video Screening Platform

Posted on 11/04/2022
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Being a recruitment agency means working on a large number of vacancies for many clients at once.  Obviously, speed to delivery is critical, but failure to screen candidates properly before sending them to a client is not an option for us at Mselect.

Video pre-interviews provide an efficient and effective way for an agency like Mselect to submit shortlisted candidates for clients to review. Our recruiters work with our clients on the areas that need to be screened and then set them up as questions for the shortlisted candidates to answer via a video recording.


Benefits of video screening

As an employer, if you’re unsure of whether or not you should be screening candidates with videos, check out the clear benefits below:


Reduce time to hire

Regardless of whether you choose real-time or recorded video interviews, they can save hiring managers tons of time. Consider how much time you spend with each candidate when they come into the office for a job interview. You take time to welcome them into the office, offer them coffee or water, walk them to the meeting room, and walk them out. Only to find out they were not suitable for the role. A pre-interview video recording could have saved this time.

It may not seem like a lot, but if you’re interviewing a long list of candidates, this could take up more time than you think. When you compare this time to screening video introductions or interviews of shortlisted candidates without leaving your desk, you can better filter candidates in a shorter time, which will in turn speed up the hiring process.


Lower hiring costs

Speeding up the hiring time is going to obviously result in your company saving money. When you have a slow hiring process, the open position stays open for longer, which can cost your business when hiring for that role is crucial to the success of others.

When you take advantage of quickly screening candidates by reviewing their recorded interviews, you can move through the many stages of hiring quicker, leading to hiring the perfect candidate sooner.

Positive interview experience

When done correctly, video interviewing can create a positive interview experience for everyone involved.

The candidate, when they know the questions ahead of time, can feel more confident, and they’ll be better prepared with the answers they want to present. 

Being able to practice these answers and say them in multiple takes eliminates stress, which can also help hiring managers assess candidates more effectively as nerves can often get in the way of a candidate’s performance when interviewing.



Video recruitment statistics




Companies are 2.7 times more likely to improve their cost per hire using video interviews (Aberdeen)


82.4% of candidates are satisfied with video interviews as a method (Candidate Survey 2020)


Best-in-class companies are 61% more likely to use video tools for interviewing candidates compared to other companies (Aberdeen)



What types of Video Interviews do we offer?


The most common is a live video interview which any employer can arrange themselves with tools such as Skype or Zoom.

However, at MSELECT we have launched our own video platform to give our clients the following options:

Asynchronous (time-shifted) video interviews – using our video platform, previously recorded questions can be answered by candidates regardless of time and location. We can work with the hiring managers in determining the questions based on a specific role.

Video pitches - candidates are given the opportunity to make a short introductory video to get a first personal impression of them. No CV can give the hiring manager this level of insight.


Video screening is available for all our clients. Talk to our recruitment team today to discuss video screening.