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Posted on 7/03/2022
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Our local offices enable us to provide the high standards of service that clients rightly expect. Many clients have told us that they enjoy working with an agency with local offices in Kurdistan because we’re able to offer reassurance:

We understand the local market and we’re able to offer real value as a result.

Part of our role involves examining the latest trends and we’re always examining issues that we believe could have an impact upon the Kurdistan job market. Many employers tell us that they have an ongoing requirement for candidates who are able to consistently deliver results. Given the vast range of industry sectors that are represented within the region, it will also come as no surprise that many employers are looking for those with specialist skills.

Our Erbil and Sulaimaniyah offices provide a focal point for local employers and we receive requests from a variety of clients seeking business coordinators, finance managers, senior accountants, marketing managers, and sales consultants etc. Although the oil and gas sector plays a prominent role, we know that there is strong demand for good quality team members who can work on finances, sales, and marketing too.

One of the key advantages that we’re able to offer is having a readily available set of contacts. Since prospective candidates are browsing our job listings every day, we’ve been able to build up an extensive database of potential employees. This means that we’re often quickly able to find individuals who we already know will be suited to your requirements. This is a critical part of the service that we offer since we understand that you may well be looking to hire quickly.

If you’re looking for increased flexibility, or maybe have a specific project in mind, then our Kurdistan team can help by providing contract staff. These highly capable individuals can provide your business with a boost, or with short-term assistance that’s needed to deliver unique projects.

Our services go way beyond what you might normally expect from an agency: we can advise on all elements of the recruitment process, assist with interviews and even put together a bespoke team to meet your needs. What’s important to us is that we deliver a service that’s right for you.

Whether you have already identified clear needs and are looking for a partner agency that can deliver against those needs in a fast and effective manner, or even if you are simply considering your first steps on the recruitment path, we’re here to help.

Contact Mselect today for more information on how we can assist with your Kurdistan recruitment plans for 2022.

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