Capacity Building and Business Development Support with Mercy Corps

Posted on 4/02/2022

​Mselect was awarded the Capacity Building and Business Development Support for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centres in Ninewa (Iraq) by Mercy Corps as part of promoting sustainable change by supporting a community-led initiative.

Since Ninewa suffered from the occupation of ISIL and consequences, there are huge gaps in the economic scene especially to the young working laborers who are in high demand to be qualified to the job market to accelerate livelihood recovery.

Mercy Corps implemented a program aimed at increasing the economic resilience of youth in Ninewa Sinjar through a four-pronged approach:

  1. Increasing knowledge of and linkages to labour market and economic opportunities amongst youth;

  2. Improving the skills required to successfully become economically active;

  3. Supporting skilled youth to access employment or self-employment opportunities;

  4. Building the institutional capacity of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs) in order to provide improved vocational training services to youth.

What was Mercy Corps's aim?

  • To generate sustained employment and livelihoods

  • Build the capacity of vulnerable populations

  • To improve businesses and help training centres to have better opportunities

As part of capacity building for the TVETs in Ninewa, MSELECT took into consideration the need to conduct a capacity assessment for TVETs that aims at identifying and understanding “the participating organizations’ capacity assets, gaps, and needs”.


Mselect conducted the project with the selection of Northern technical University ( NTU ), Directorate of Labour and Social Affairs (DoLSA ), and Directorate of Youth And Sports in Ninewa.

The project needed to support:

  • Key challenges within their organizations

  • Enable their teams to better assess and deliver impactful results for their young beneficiaries who are located in Sinjar, Talkayf, and Mosul over a 5-month period

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Project Management

  • Media & Advocacy