MSELECT partners with UNICEF Iraq

Posted on 3/08/2020
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MSELECT is proud to announce a partnership with UNICEF Iraq to provide project workforce for the organisation’s facilities throughout Iraq. Facilitators and operational staff will be stationed in UNICEF offices in Baghdad, Anwar, Ninewa, Basra, Kirkuk, Muthana, Erbil, Misan, Najaf, Duhok, and Sulaymaniyah.

UNICEF is a UN humanitarian agency whose mission is to advocate for children’s rights, support the most vulnerable children, adolescents and families in education health and nutrition. UNICEF runs programs out of four field offices throughout the region, and supports programmes that provide services in refugee and IDP camps, returnees areas, and other vulnerable communities.

UNICEF has developed and continues to run an ever-changing portfolio of programs aimed at building community capacity and supporting children and young adults who have been displaced a result of conflict. As UNICEF’s footprint in Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region of Iraq has grown, so too has the agency’s need for a scalable in-country workforce. The organisation believes that working with a local workforce, who bring an understanding of the social and historical context of the areas in which they live and work, are an asset.

UNICEF’s Partnership with MSELECT

MSELECT under a multi-year partnership with UNICEF will - recruit, manage, and deploy project facilitators and operational support staff who will be directly responsible for implementing a number of UNICEF’s health, education, and humanitarian relief programs.

MSELECT is also responsible for paying the workforce, providing insurance and transportation, and maintaining all necessary administrative and personnel files, all across the entire country. In turn, UNICEF receives a scalable, highly effective workforce without any of the overhead administrative costs or added burdens on existing infrastructure.

The workforce who will be identified and managed by MSELECT on behalf of UNICEF will be based in a number of critical cities and regions including Baghdad, Anwar, Ninewa, Basra, Kirkuk, Muthana, Erbil, Misan, Najaf, Duhok, and Sulaymaniyah.

Notably, a number of UNICEF’s field offices are located in difficult work environments and this is in part why the agency chose to partner with MSELECT. Our company has demonstrated a strong understanding of the logistical concerns involved with operating in these regions and has proven itself when it comes to providing expert staff that our clients can rely on to support complex programs.

As UNICEF operations expand, there is potential to increase staff headcount over the course of the multi-year contract. All of the project facilitators and operational support recruited and managed by MSELECT will be held to UNICEF’s high operating standards and values. These include diversity and inclusion, integrity, commitment to the cause of advancing children, fairness, and transparency.

MSELECT and UNICEF both believe that our company’s workforce pipeline is reliable enough to consistently deliver staff with these qualities and to ensure that UNICEF’s values are upheld in all of the programs to which personnel are assigned. While UNICEF will have oversight over and be integrated into the recruiting process, MSELECT is ultimately responsible for ensuring the high quality of the contractors it provides to the agency.

MSELECT is proud to announce this partnership and looks forward to building a close relationship with both UNICEF and its international representatives on the ground in Iraq.

Why Choose MSELECT for Staffing Services

MSELECT is the premier staffing, workforce, and training solutions provider in Iraq including the KRI. UNICEF’s choice of MSELECT as its primary partner for staffing humanitarian operations reflects our company’s expertise in the region and our ability to deliver qualified personnel on demand.


MSELECT delivers a comprehensive end-to-end workforce solution.

We have developed a robust system for matching technical and non-technical workers alike with industry jobs to provide on-demand labor and expertise. Thanks to our services, corporations and organisations throughout the region are able to quickly access experienced, qualified talent, without the hassle of building expensive recruiting and training pipelines.


In addition, MSELECT prides itself on the quality of our services. We strive to develop a comprehensive knowledge of every client’s business operations, administrative capacity, values, and workforce requirements before proceeding to recruit staff.


MSELECT is a highly flexible staffing provider within Iraq including Kurdistan with the capacity to adapt to any business or organisational need to provide expert on-demand workforce