Expanding your business in Lebanon

Posted on 16/11/2018
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Lebanon is located in the heart of the Middle East where the west meets the east. As a business person looking to expand and spread your wings into new locations, you should consider Lebanon. Aside from its geographical positioning, Lebanon has a stable political climate that allows business to thrive. Lebanon is an international hub for trade as many trade routes converge here. 

There are many investment opportunities you can take up depending on the industry in the venture in. The government supported liberalism in Lebanon allows you to grow your business at a steady rate. Starting a company in Lebanon is easy since the IDAL facilitates a streamlined process when it comes to acquiring the permits and licenses you need for your company. Consider working with a staffing agency to help you recruit employees in record time.

How a business can expand in Lebanon 

Lebanon is uniquely positioned as it is at a crossroads leading to different continents. You can make business transactions with business people in Europe and America. Consider working with a working agency as their extensive services allow you to hire qualified candidates from Lebanon as well as overseas. 

There are limitless investment opportunities you can take up; 

• Food processing 
• Jewelry 
• Cement 
• Metal fabrication 
• Furniture products 
• Oil refining 
• Mineral and chemical products 

Lebanon allows you entry into a large regional market, and it is an ideal location for your regional headquarters. There are few restrictions imposed on foreigners who are interested in investing in Lebanon. Business people of different nationalities are welcome if they are interested in undertaking a big or small project.

The regulations are reasonable, and they do not infringe on anyone. You can easily acquire the permits and licenses you need for your business as the IDAL facilitates streamlined processes that save you time and energy. The investment climate in Lebanon is favorable for a start-up business or a large corporation that is spreading its wings.

Benefits of Working with a Staffing Agency in Lebanon 

1. Saves you Time, Energy and Money 

• Saves time 

Even though employees are required to give notice before they quit, it is not uncommon to have employees quit their jobs without telling their employees in advance. Such situations can cause a business person to lose business. Working with a staffing agency ensures that you get vacant positions filled immediately. This way you get to reduce your downtime and increase business productivity. 
Having immediate replacements for employees, you are no longer working with you ensures you don’t overwork your employees by having them cover for the missing employee. Staffing agencies are guaranteed to find the best candidate for the job, and they also send over pre-screened candidates.

• Save Money

Even though you have to incur markup fee when you work with a staffing agency, the rates are affordable, and besides, you save money in the long run. Having to send ads to the national job board can be quite expensive and working with an employment agency saves you from incurring these costly expenses. Employment agencies ensure that each candidate you receive is ready to work as they conduct all the necessary preliminary requirement checks; 

o Skills testing 
o Drug screening 
o Background checking 

Save Energy

Looking for employees on your own as a business can be quite tasking for the HR team that usually already have their plate full. Having to conduct interviews, pre-screening and go through all the job consuming can be exhausting and derailing. Working with an employment agency allows the HR representatives to focus on core business responsibilities.

2. No Commitment

During the busy seasons, employment agencies can help you take care of your extra personnel needs to deal with the high volume of work. You get to save money on unemployment insurance and in case a permanent comes up, you get to hire based on the temporary-to-permanent format. This format lets you see a candidate in action before you officially hire them. Getting months with a temporary employee helps you determine if they qualify for a permanent position or not.


Lebanon is the perfect place to expand an international business. There are limitless opportunities for investors, and they are no restrictions imposed on foreigners by the Lebanese government. Consider hiring an employment agency to help you recruit employees for your business.