Job focus: IT specialists

Posted on 21/05/2016

If you’ve browsed our job listings here at MSELECT, then you’ll be aware that we have a wide range of roles listed. Specialists are in high demand, with employers seeking those who can bring proven skills and experience.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the demand for IT specialists in Iraq and Kurdistan. We’ll examine the types of roles that are on offer, together with what the work entails. We’ll also examine how employers can go about identifying ideal candidates for such roles.

The role of an IT professional

Once seen as providing “back off functions”, many IT professionals now take a much more visible role within the organisation. Although technical skills are vital, the customer-facing nature of much of the work has transformed the skillset that is expected of individuals. Excellent communication skills, for example, are now often seen as being central to an IT role.

Hardware or software?

The separation between hardware specialists and software specialists has also become rather more blurred in recent years, with an increasing number of employers seeking those who have the flexibility to deliver in multiple areas. It might be expected, as a result, that an individual would be asked to assist with the installation of equipment, including desktop computers and peripherals.

But that initial installation will often only be the beginning of what’s required. Ongoing testing and support will be provided, while there will also be the need to assist with software upgrades, networking issues and routine troubleshooting. Staff training may also be part of what is required, given that computing equipment is central to most workplaces.

The work will often be varied, but this places a firm focus on the need to find individuals who can embrace such variations and that won’t struggle in a challenging environment.

Industry specialists

There are also always roles available for those who might be regarded as specialists within a particular sector. Understanding how an industry-standard software package operates, or using existing knowledge to build applications from scratch, can add real value.

Finding the right people

As an employer, how can you find the right people for the IT roles that you have available within your organization? The key here is to ensure that roles are clearly defined, allowing you to identify individuals who are suited to the particular need that you have in mind. If you need a database administrator, for example, then it would be a mistake to imagine that someone whose experience has primarily been focused in a software support role would be well suited to the job at hand.

Ensure that you identify the needs of the business before attempting to recruit.

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