5 great reasons to work overseas

Posted on 13/03/2016
Kurdistan Dispaced

We are delighted to have helped many individuals to find great new jobs in Iraq and elsewhere in the region. Different people have different driving forces that seem to point them in the direction of seeking out a job overseas. In this blog post, we take a look at some of the very best reasons for making the leap:

Enhancing career prospects

A spell working abroad looks great on your CV, demonstrating that you have a flexible approach to employment. Being able to show future employers that you can adapt to a range of conditions is a wonderful advantage, but you may also find that there are very direct improvements for your career prospects.

In some roles, you will undoubtedly be faced with less competition when working abroad, which means that you can often accelerate your career progression. You may find that you are able to take on increased responsibilities, for example, at an earlier stage than would otherwise be possible.

Improved earning potential

Multi-national companies operating in the Middle East are often prepared to offer competitive salaries, while employees can also benefit from tax regimes that are designed to attract overseas specialist. As a result, you may find that you can essentially earn considerably more money than would be possible when performing the same role elsewhere.

Some candidates intend on taking an off-shore job for a relatively short period of time, giving their finances a real boost. They often find, however, that they end up staying for much longer than originally planned, simply because they enjoy all of the other aspects associated with working overseas.

Enjoying different cultures

Every country or region boasts a unique culture and heritage. Many individuals take the opportunity to learn about their place of work, taking a real interest in the people, the art, the architecture and the different way of life. There is also a great chance to learn a new language, with immersion within the local culture greatly enhancing your chances of picking up local dialects more quickly.

Although many people enjoy travelling, there is nothing quite like living in a new country, if you really want to find out what local life is all about.

A lifestyle that can’t be bettered

It’s sometimes difficult to really encapsulate what a transformation of lifestyle is possible when working abroad. Many employers offer enticing relocation packages, while employees can live in homes that would be outside of their range back at home.

When combined with a warm climate and a thriving expat community, it’s hard to avoid the thought that life can be that bit better when working overseas. The various advantages associated with improved salaries and bonuses also means that your spending power is often higher.

Working with great people

The final key advantage that we would note is that you will be working with those who share your outlook on life. Your colleagues will have accepted the challenge of working in a different environment and you can expect them to display considerable flexibility too.

If you enjoy working in an environment where you are surrounded by those who are driven to success and who are looking to make real career progress, then there is no doubt that you will thrive. There is something enlivening about working with those who are simply determined to succeed and this is a real benefit that cannot be ignored.