Security jobs in Iraq

Posted on 8/02/2016
Portrait Male Security Guard With Radio Station

As you browse through the vacancies that we have listed here at MSELECT, you’ll see that we may have at various times a number of positions within the security sector. Our clients are looking for reliable candidates who are able to provide security in a range of situations.

As might be expected, security jobs in Iraq can be relatively lucrative, with specialists being hired to assist with the protection of specific buildings, installations and facilities. The level of experience that is required very much depends upon the particular job that is being offered.

For roles where the primary responsibility is to act as a bodyguard, or as an unarmed security guard, requirements may be fairly basis. In essence, employers tend to look for those individuals who are diligent, reliable and able to make sensible decisions, especially when needing to act quickly. Candidates may be asked to demonstrate these attributes by undergoing a series of tests.

If you’re interested in obtaining a security role, then it always helps if you able to demonstrate previous experience and an understanding of what’s involved. You may have the benefit of having worked in a similar field elsewhere and you may feel that you now have something to offer for those organisations that are operating in Iraq or elsewhere within the Middle East.

Senior security roles

We also get approached by clients who wish to recruit to specialist positions. The tasks here might include carrying out intelligence analysis, or seeking to provide appropriate security for key computer systems. Given the specialist nature of these security roles, the expectations placed upon candidates do tend to be at a higher level.

You may be suited for such a role because you have previously worked for a government security agency, or it may be the case that you are a well-respected as an expert within your chosen field. Prospective employers will expect you to demonstrate your experience and that you have the required level of knowledge. In all cases, you should also expect to have your background checked in some detail.

You may also find that a senior security role demands that you should manage a team. If you have leadership experience, then this is very likely to be in your favour.

The variety of security jobs in Iraq is such that there are plenty of opportunities for those who have the skills and the experience, together with an ability to embrace new challenges. Businesses and other organisations within the region are constantly seeking reliable new recruits and you will discover no shortage of posts. Browse existing vacancies to find out more about the possibilities that exist for furthering your career in Iraq.