Do you want to work in Iraq?

Posted on 29/02/2016
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As a leading agency introducing employers in Iraq to great employees, we believe that Iraq can provide an exciting place to build a career. Although the country has encountered some troubled times in recent years, this is a location that is very in development.

The massive energy sector has helped to drive many improvements

attracting inward investment from a significant number of major multi-national enterprises. Building upon the foundations that were already in place locally, those businesses have helped to transform local infrastructure in many cases. Their impact is likely to be felt for years to come.

The involvement of international firms also sets trends when it comes to working practices

Those moving to Iraq to improve their career prospects are often pleasantly surprised to see that many of the benefits associated with working life elsewhere are abundant here too. Although there are unique challenges, there are often opportunities available to those working in Iraq that may simply be unavailable elsewhere.

The country is changing at a rapid pace and those who enjoy a fast-changing approach to life tend to be particularly enthralled by the opportunities that are on offer. Many jobs are well paid, while there are numerous opportunities for advancement. Those moving to Iraq for the first time soon discover that it’s quickly possible to build a positive reputation, allowing them to move up the career ladder much more rapidly than might be expected eslewhere in the world.

You may feel uncertain about whether a move to Iraq would be right for you

There is a misconception that relocating here is only for those with experience in the oil and gas sectors. While it’s certainly true that there are plenty of openings in those areas, you shouldn’t be put off taking this step in your career if you don’t happen to have experience in the energy sector. As you will appreciate, the businesses that operate in those sectors require the support services that are familiar to many: whether you are an expert in IT, Human Resources or administration, for example, you are likely to find that your skills are in demand.

A move to Iraq may be beneficial for your career, but how do you feel about the thought of moving to such a country? This can be daunting for some, but many more see the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Employers are always keen to attract the very best talents, which means that they go out of their way to ensure that new employees are able to settle easily. Many firms offer generous and flexible relocation options.

The country is renowned for its culture and rich architectural heritage. It’s very easy to settle in Iraq, as so many candidates soon discover.

Fort those seeking a transformation in life, together with enhanced career prospects, Iraq has an enormous amount to offer. To start your journey in a new direction, you can begin by searching our job listings here at mselect. We’re committed to providing you with objective information on the very best roles that are currently available in Iraq.