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Employee Impact

As leaders in the recruitment and HR industry in the MENA region, we work with employees across several physical and metaphorical borders. It is crucial to us that we contribute to their health and well-being through a value-driven initiative. That means fair pay for good work, equal opportunities and training that builds a workforce actively contributing to economic growth.

Decent work and fair pay

We believe strongly that the rights of our people include access to decent work for fair pay. In fact, this is the same model we promote to clients when we search for candidates to fill roles.


Results and commitments

So far, we have

●       Set salary scales based on each position's role and years of experience. This system has been developed to eliminate unconscious bias.

●       Developed and delivered training to increase retention among our team.

●       Created a positive work environment through a happier work culture.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

It is incredibly important to us that our staff are happy and thriving. To achieve this, we believe that offering a level playing field from the standpoint of diversity, equality, and inclusion is important.


Results and commitments

So far, we have

●       Employed staff based on a fair system. This includes candidate selection through a blind sifting process so that we can ensure employee skills and experience are our primary selection factors.

●       We further this at the interview stage by hosting an interview panel consisting of three panellists to ensure the highest quality of assessment.

●       In the workplace, we encourage creativity, innovation and opinions from all backgrounds to help us build a stronger representation reflective of the clients and candidates we serve.


Read our full DEI policy here.

Training and development

How we develop our staff is crucial in a region that now sees global investment and opportunities. We want our staff to feel satisfied in their work and have equal opportunities to progress in their careers.


Results and commitments

So far, we have

●       Rolled out a competence management system which allows us to track the competence requirements of our staff and identify any remaining gaps.

●       Set annual L&D plans for each staff member based on identified gaps and development plans.

●       Provided tailored learning programs to our staff through classroom-based training, micro eLearning training, and on-the-job training, with consistent mentoring from our senior staff.

●       We have tied our L&D goals with each employee's annual performance KPIs, which has resulted in increased skills development from staff across our organisation.

●       Provided annual training on anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, inclusion, diversity, etc., to ensure that all employees comply with our policies and procedures and maintain the core DEI values we pride ourselves on.