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Samsung case study: Smooth sales force management outsourcing by mselect

There is a lot to consider when you expand across a new market; sales is one area you cannot afford to get wrong. That's why management of your sales team in a new territory has to be at the top of its game.


In this case study, we'll look at our Sales Force Management Team (SFMT) project with Samsung Levant and discuss both our challenges and the results we provided.



How mselect solved Samsung's sales force problem


Samsung needed to expand its operations efficiently across Iraq. They came to us because of our stellar reputation in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).


We were able to meet that challenge by securing offices, materials and equipment alongside high-quality staffing plus HR and payroll services. Essentially, we provided the operational opportunity for Samsung to optimise the performance of their Iraqi sales and operations.



The mandate


mselect was tasked to provide complete outsourcing for Samsung's promoters, sales, and supervisors in Iraq, including supplementary procurement and logistic services.


The project spanned January 2021 to December 2022.


We were selected for our solid experience in business outsourcing in Iraq, which is what we delivered.



The challenges


Challenges are bound to pop up, as with any project of this scale and complexity, but the proof of our success is how we handle them.


There were two main challenges in procurement: procurement of marketing materials and procurement in locations where we do not have offices.


Firstly, the procurement of marketing materials was a challenge for us because it wasn't something we had been involved with before. Of course, there's lots to learn in a space you need to become more expert in. We are pleased to say that our team met this challenge with vigour and tasked themselves with learning everything they could to provide high-quality products.


Our second procurement challenge was in renting their offices in locations where we do not have a base, such as Mosul. When you have a team on the ground, you have a more detailed understanding of districts and properties. Again, our teams acted fast, ensuring they learned which opportunities would allow Samsung to position their teams in prime locations, offering clients and staff the best experience.



The results


  • We provided all staff across Samsung's Iraq network of operations with extra services such as salary banking

  • We handled building rentals

  • Our field coordinators supported their logistics at the lowest cost

  • We successfully delivered high-quality sales and marketing materials

  • We were able to provide the very best options in procurement by providing three quotes for every purchase



"Our successful management and delivery of the Samsung sales team project in Iraq supported the client’s essential improvement and expansion to its core services.


This project also proved our ability to manage sales and marketing-related tasks in manpower and operations and to meet challenges head-on.


We delivered efficiency and met Samsung Levant's sterling standards through a strong and dedicated team on the ground - something the client gave us high praise for."


- David Tannourji, Business Services Manager, mselect



Thinking of outsourcing a business function?


Our professional team was a great value addition for Samsung, and our expertise met their high international standards. The success of this project is one of many examples from our BPO experience for many of the world’s largest corporations.


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