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Huawei case study: Integrated Facility Management Services from mselect

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Running global operations requires an extensive and experienced team, which can become expensive. But is that the most profitable way to work? In short, the answer is no, it isn't. That's why global brands connect and work with trusted business process outsourcing (BPO) providers in each country of operations.


In this case study, we want to take you through how mselect provided Integrated Facility Management services, part of our BPO offering, to solve that issue for our global client, Huawei.


How mselect solved Huawei's Integrated Facilities Management problem

In a previous mselect / Huawei case study, you will remember we were able to facilitate fleet and driver services to critical staff and c-suite employees across Iraq, a new base of operations. Considering our long business relationship, reputation, and strong local on-the-ground experience, it was natural for Huawei to consider us for further BPO services.


The mandate

To provide an ongoing Integrated Facilities Management BPO service that comprises of:


●       Procurement for offices and consumable supplies

●       Logistical services

●       Landscape management

●       Waste management

●       Security for all facilities

●       Staff sourcing and management, including immigration administration and payroll

●       Pest control

●       Water testing

●       Preventative maintenance

●       Third-party payments

●       Cleaning of facilities

●       Catering

●       And Facility management reporting


Vendor and third-party payments

A key service for Huawei includes vendor and third-party payments. We mention this separately, as some companies prefer to handle these payments internally. Given our existing payroll BPO provision for Huawei's drivers and the complexity of Iraqi pay governance and administration, handling payments for Facility Management services was a more effective solution (and something we strongly recommend for those planning to expand to Iraq).


The results

We hired account managers for each office location to ensure Huawei received the best Integrated Facilities Management from mselect. Having teams on the ground allowed us to understand the complexity of each area, carry out routine inspections and ensure workspace and staff safety compliance to the highest standard.


Having spent over a decade building local teams also gave us an advantage when sourcing new staff and vendor contracts, meaning our service could be up and running quickly.

As a result of choosing mselect to provide their Integrated Facilities Management, Huawei was able to minimise risks reduce procurement costs, introduce processes that enhance their workplace productivity, and ultimately to focus on their core business.


mselect's Integrated Facilities Management services

Here's what you can expect when you work with us.


●       Improved efficiencies - We understand that you need your team to be as efficient as possible, and that means facilitating an environment where efficiency is optimal.

●       Enhanced compliance and safety - We also understand that building compliance and security, which signals trust to you and your staff, makes for a happier on-the-ground operation.

●       Stellar customer service - We provide you with a trustworthy team of in-house account managers and mselect oversight to ensure our customer service is second to none.

●       Profit optimisation - We have developed fast and efficient systems, processes and workflows to ensure your BPO needs are covered and your costs are competitive.

Are you seeking experienced Integrated Facilities Management services across the Middle East? Contact mselect today and see how we can help.