Huawei case study: Trusted fleet and driver services from mselect

Posted on 15/10/2023
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​​Reliable fleet and driver services are some of the essential factors workforce logistics when you expand into new territories - But how do you get your people on the ground and working effectively at pace?


That was the problem for Huawei, and this is the case study of how mselect provided fleet and driver services to solve that issue.


How mselect solved Huawei's fleet and driver service problem


Huawei is a global brand, and when they are ready to expand, they move quickly and decidedly. Having trusted transportation at their disposal is paramount.


In this instance, Huawei needed to contract drivers and dispatchers to transport important staff within critical cities in Iraq and between them. This is not an unusual request for us at mselect, but it always requires careful sourcing and management.



The mandate


To provide an outsourced service that comprises of:


●       business control and service quality assurance

●       compliance with local laws and Huawei's regulation briefs

●       financial planning and budgeting for fleet and driver management

●       vehicle sourcing, leasing, insurance, and regular maintenance

●       fleet and driver allocation

●       driver training and assessments for high-level chauffer requirements

●       uniform provision

●       and weekly and monthly reporting.


All staff and vehicles are based on-site at Huawei premises, but the process is entirely outsourced by mselect.


The results


At mselect, we pride ourselves on high standards and reliable results - we even state that in our tagline. We instil it into every aspect of who we are and what we do. Sourcing and managing fleet and driver services for Huawei is no different.


With on the ground offices in Iraq, we understood regional requirements immediately, and with capable contractors, we could provide both vehicles and drivers quickly. Our team were ready and in place within 1 Week.



mselect's fleet and driver services


Here's what you can expect when you work with us.

Our efficient fleet management


Effective fleet management through mselect includes:


●       Cost savings - We always aim to help businesses save money on fuel, maintenance, and repairs. By optimising vehicle usage and scheduling preventive maintenance, we can help to extend the life of vehicles and reduce downtime.

●       Improved efficiency - We can identify improvements and act quickly by tracking vehicle locations and fuel usage.

●       Enhanced safety - By providing drivers with training and monitoring their performance, we help to reduce the risk of accidents. Additionally, we implement safety procedures and technologies to reduce risks further.

●       Compliance - Every vehicle mselect provides complies with all applicable laws and regulations, including maintaining proper vehicle registration and insurance and conducting regular safety inspections.

●       24/7 Customer service - Our effective fleet management is vital to customer service. By ensuring that vehicles are available and reliable, we deliver a better customer experience.


Our personalised driver services


Our driver service provides our clients with the highest level of safety, comfort, and convenience. That includes:


●       Professional and experienced drivers - We employ only the most professional and experienced drivers. These drivers are typically highly experienced drivers with a deep knowledge of the local area.

●       Safe vehicles - We partner with dealerships to offer a fleet of safe vehicles. These vehicles are well-maintained and equipped with all the latest amenities to support our clients on short and lengthy journeys.

●       Personalised service - Our drivers go above and beyond to provide personalised service to our business clients. That often includes catering to an individual's needs by allocating specific drivers who become trusted service providers.

●       Compliance - Our drivers are legally licensed and maintain up to date security checks.



Are you seeking experienced fleet and driver services within the MENA region? Contact mselect today to see how we can help.