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Client Impact

We make it our mission that our global clients come to us because of our great reputation and stay with us because they gain high-quality employees, helping them build better futures. This means that our sustainability campaign has to be impactful.

Diversity, equality and inclusion, and fair representation

We understand that in today’s broadening economy, a more diverse and equitable workforce is not just the right thing to do but the best thing for our client’s business. Diversity and inclusion bring new innovation and creativity - critical to any organisation.

Results and commitments

So far, we have

●       Trained our employees in unconscious bias to ensure the hiring process is fully inclusive.

●       Written our job descriptions based on required abilities and skills needed for each job and not personal attributes.

●       Structured our interview panel process to remove unconscious bias and remain open to creative thoughts and opinions that candidates can bring to an organisation.

●       Analysed our candidate pool and hiring outcomes to ensure improvement in diversity, equity and inclusion protocols.

Higher retention

Businesses working in the MENA region need to be highly skilled and agile to tackle the economy’s growth rate, and sustainability in the workforce will always be important. This is why we strive to source the best employees for our candidates based on job fit, alignment of goals and adaptability.


Results and commitments

So far, we have

●       Maintained a 97% retention rate for candidates hired.We have found that candidates stay for extended periods and often get promoted within the companies we place them with.