Outsourcing manpower 2023: How to deliver great staff to your clients every time

Posted on 25/05/2023

Outsourcing manpower 2023: How to deliver great staff to your clients every time

The outsourcing manpower industry has grown rapidly over the last few years. Competition has risen sharply too, so with the onset of a global recession, we must make it a priority to deliver great staff every time.


In this article, we will take you through what we believe is the best advice for the recruitment industry in 2023 and beyond.

The outsourcing manpower model (2023 and beyond)

The global staffing industry rose to US$497 billion in early 2020, according to a 2021 report by Statistica and despite the Covid slow-down, the industry is predicted to bounce back and retain its growing streak.


Here at mselect, we have noticed this rise in outsourcing manpower with more and more businesses looking for temporary and outsourced placements. We think this is set to continue despite the likely recession.


“But won’t recession slow the job market?”, we hear you ask.


2023 is indeed likely to see a global recession as fallout from a tumultuous few years. We’ve had prolonged Covid lockdowns, slow recoveries, and now high inflation. Restoring price stability as inflation reduces will be a major focus for our clients. Suggesting smaller and more focused recruitment drives in some sectors, but growth in others, like digital and tech jobs, healthcare, construction and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).


Remote and hybrid work also opens borders meaning clients can now look further afield to recruit top talent.


Top talent is not the only point here. Clients will also be looking for staff they can up-skill successfully, reducing future churn rates, even in temporary or lower-cost placements.


If budgets for staff and the recruitment process shrinks, yet opportunities to go beyond borders for candidates increases, then clients will have to become more focused on intelligent team growth. In other words, they’ll be much more intentional about their hires and who they choose to partner with in the outsourcing process.


This is where the wow factor of our job, as staffing solution experts, needs to be evident in everything we do.

Benefits of outsourcing manpower with a wow factor

Clients are looking for access to a pool of highly talented staff, who fit job functions and settle into a team quickly and easily. To do this they are also looking for a partner who can make the process of outsourcing manpower simple, seamless and yet still considered.


Get this right and you are likely to see bigger benefits in 2023 and beyond. In our experience, this translates to

●       Stronger brand loyalty

●       Quality referrals

●       Reduced, but more focused marketing efforts, meaning less spending

●       Opportunities to steer future recruitment drives

●       Increased opportunity to introduce other outsourcing services


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5 things you must do to wow your clients as manpower outsourcing services (even in a recession)

Ok, so we know what our clients are looking for in manpower outsourcing for 2023 and we understand the benefits of getting our service offer right - let’s look at what we can do to grow our opportunities.

1. Tender your bids for the outsourcing of manpower with clear goals and deliverables

When you tender a bid to a prospective client this is your first opportunity to impress them. Our best advice is to listen to what the client wants in a hire and their intentions as a company.


Understanding your client allows you to set goals during the hiring and post-hire process so that as an outsourcing partner you can deliver beyond a client’s targets. Taking this step is likely to keep you on speed dial with any major client.

2. Invest in your recruitment CRM now

Recruitment management for any staffing solution business is hard. If recruiting futures opens our searches to borderless and more focused hiring, then we need to invest time and money into developing better CRMs.


By simplifying processes and empowering client and candidate engagement we can optimise real-time reporting on recruitment campaigns, making the course of selection easier. Meaning we are likely to recruit on budget, leading to a bigger satisfaction in working with us.

3. Don’t rely on AI alone, remember the personal touch

Whilst machine learning and AI is going to be an important part of growing our recruitment systems and bringing greater efficiencies, we must not forget the need for human touch in our work.


Building relationships with clients and candidates is going to be more necessary than ever in a potentially shrinking economy. Why? Because humans can influence and develop opportunities - AI can’t.

4. Employ experts who understand your clients’ verticals

Industry experience is not enough, you need recruitment experts who understand the nuances of industry verticals, company culture, specific job functions and HR.


Now in a busy cross-industry agency that might sound like advice on widening your team, but we don’t see it like that. We believe it’s more a question of who you hire as your recruitment leads and choosing those who will give client categories a greater advantage.

5. Work on being more proactive and less reactive

In uncertain times you have learnt to be agile and this will continue in 2023. Yet that isn’t going to be the whole story, you will need to be more proactive too.


Unlike Covid 19 we can see a recession coming and we can plan for it. We can also work on building stronger relationships to predict where changes are coming to our client’s business and hiring tactics.


More than this you can use your candidate database to understand their needs and desires when it comes to job hunting. Spotting things like an uptick in searches for remote working and bringing this to the attention of your clients can help improve talent acquisition, by being proactive in shaping the recruitment focus.

Looking for a top outsourcing manpower provider?

We are mselect and we specialise in forward-thinking outsourcing manpower services for temporary and permanent placements. Our team works closely with clients to understand more than their candidate needs so that we can find better matches that provide opportunities for upskilling throughout the employee lifecycle.


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