How Baghdad Business School uses SpeakEnglish to help students communicate globally

Posted on 27/03/2023
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These days the best business opportunities come from being able to network globally. Communication is paramount whether you are creating compelling copy for your website, pitching for investment, or simply working with people overseas. To do that efficiently, you must have a good head for business and a strong command of languages.


In this case study, we will look at our work with the Baghdad Business School (BBS) and how we implemented English language training for students, alums and staff to solve communication barriers.

Solving the language problem with SpeakEnglish

BBS identifies itself as an academic and professional institution focusing on delivering education tailored to the needs of Iraqi youth and the local market. This preparation enables students to qualify for employment opportunities in the private sector.


BBS came to us in 2022 to improve their staff and students’ English communication, specific to business and the workplace. To enhance their offering, we determined that our SpeakEnglish online training course would provide an additional layer of essential education.


Through our digital SpeakEnglish learning courses, we could efficiently teach staff, alums, and current students at the school. Furthermore, our intuitive digital system would allow the BBS faculty to use SpeakEnglish's advanced reporting features to monitor their cohort's daily progress and activity.


"mselect's SpeakEnglish program really added to and enhanced our program at Baghdad Business School by providing students with the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Their methods were very effective, and it's a flexible program. I highly recommend it to other Iraqis looking to learn English."
- Christine van den Toorn, Founder & Board Member, Baghdad Business School.

What is SpeakEnglish, and why was it the best solution?

As prominent language trainers, we recognise the significance of effective communication for our clients. A proficient workforce who can communicate well opens borders, delivers confident pitches to clients, handles customer service with empathy, and collaborates more effectively.


For this project, we determined that our Business English (A2 & C1) certification was the best solution for BBS participants. Using our SpeakEnglish app, we delivered exceptional English language training as a foundation for communicating in the private sector.


Language training included written and spoken communication for handling:


  • Meetings and discussions

  • Negotiations and sales

  • Oral presentations and Q&As

  • Problems and complaints

  • Projects and plans

  • Small talk and networking

  • Telephoning and conference calls


“I used the SpeakEnglish app and it was very good. With it, you can improve your language, vocabulary, reading, and listening. Actually, I love the reading part a lot because it is simple and easy to understand. The vocabulary section taught me many new words too. I feel like my language has got better. Finally, I want to thank the providers for this opportunity.”
- Liwaa Ali


Our training covers more than 600 essential expressions and situations students will likely encounter. Our lessons emphasise transferable language skills across various industries and work settings.


SpeakEnglish courses and materials are available through an app, allowing students to choose their preferred time, location, and learning style for interacting and mastering the language.


“I used the application, and it was very useful. First, I had to take a test to know my level. Then I had to do different skills. The sections developed the skill of listening and reading. As for the grammar, it was very useful in my learning. I had a fun time when solving grammar questions, which I was not familiar with. I wish there was more time to finish all my tasks when solving the questions. So, I hope that the time will be increased in the reading section. I received weekly reports for my performance which made me do more. In general, the SpeakEnglish app and mselect were great.”
- Doaa Haider

Key takeaways from delivering SpeakEnglish to the Baghdad Business School

We saw excellent progress from the program throughout - excellent news for BBS, which was excited to offer a new twist to its student offering.


Students now felt more confident handling themselves in a second language across multiple business situations, even those more challenging scenarios. Having a good understanding of business and now a global language to conduct themselves means they are open to many more opportunities than their peers.


Does your organisation need help communicating effectively in English?

Contact our SpeakEnglish team today and let our experts guide you to the course choices that will change how you communicate.