Hiring Staff For Roles in Iraq

Posted on 31/05/2022
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The costs associated with recruitment can be significant, in both in terms of initial resource requirements and the prospective financial costs associated with a process that doesn’t go to plan. Challenges can be heightened in Iraq, where is considerable competition for the best candidates.


When planning your next recruitment round, it’s critical that you should identify your primary objectives at the outset. This may seem like obvious advice: after all, don’t you simply want to find someone who can get the job done?


Identifying candidates with the right skillsets is certainly one objective, but what about the organisational fit? It’s likely that you’ll want a new team member who can interact successfully with their colleagues, suppliers and customers. Is there an opportunity for them to develop within the role, or possibly seek to move on to a more senior position in the future? Are you looking for a short-term appointment, or do you envisage appointing on a permanent basis?


As you can see, once you start to explore your requirements in greater depth, it quickly becomes evident that recruitment is about more than simply finding someone who appears to have the right skills, at least as listed on their CV.


Increasingly, the role of the employer is also to sell the organisation to candidates. Almost inevitably, you’ll discover that the very best candidates are in demand. So what are you able to offer that will make your role the most attractive?


Realistic role descriptions

It may be tempting, given this competitive environment, to assume that the best option is to offer exaggerated, positive impressions of both the role and your company. This may be enough to attract great candidates, but it’s unlikely to yield, sustainable ongoing results.


Nobody would wish to be hired under false pretences. Once it became evident that this was the case, they would soon depart for pastures new.


With this in mind, you need to think about what you can genuinely offer to ensure that you can tempt great candidates. In doing so, you’ll also need to consider what is being offered by rival firms. To take some examples:


  • Will you be offering some form of relocation package? This may be particularly appealing to those intending to work in Iraq for the first time

  • Are you offering an attractive salary? If there is any bonus element involved, how realistic is it for a new employee to meet the requirements in order to earn that benefit?

  • ow flexible will the working hours be?

  • Will you be assisting with some sort of financial package to cover medical assistance and childcare needs?

  • What opportunities are there for a successful candidate to progress within your organisation?

  • Where will the candidate be based? Will they be expected to work from a fixed location, or is there travel involved?

  • Is there an expectation that the candidate, if successful, would work as part of a wider team? Will you be making introductions to other team members at an early stage in the process?


The above elements do not comprise a comprehensive list. They are, rather, simply a starting point. But they may prove eye opening, suggesting that there is a need to give due consideration to how your business can stand out from the crowd. Just as you probably work hard to attract great clients, so you need to be prepared to put in the same level of effort to attract great candidates and recruits.


Is this too much work?

When you read about outlining recruitment objectives and trying to attract the best talent, you may well feel that this seems like a lot of work. Do you have the time to fit this in to your schedule?


An increasing number of employers are aware of the importance of getting the right candidates, but also understand that the effort involved in identifying those candidates within the competitive Iraq recruitment space calls for specialist assistance. That’s why we are able to offer a comprehensive service, dealing with all elements of recruitment on your behalf. We’re here to get you the very best candidates.