Successful recruiting in Iraq

Posted on 7/02/2022

Finding the right employees is critical to the success of any business. We understand that the recruitment process will often play a key role in the growth of any business and we’re able to advise on the best approach to meet your specific requirements.

As regional specialists, we’re able to offer a premium service, which is aimed at delivering excellent results. Although we take a great pride in offering a bespoke approach, we also offer cost-effective solutions that are designed to pay dividends.

Our success is based upon a knowledge of the region and of those available to work here. We have extensive contacts, combined with a history of recruiting the right people to specialist roles. We understand the needs of our clients and we’re able to identify excellent candidates, ensuring that the recruitment process is streamlined and effective.

We have expertise across all sectors, having forged relationships with key employers in the region. That experience, together with our dedicated recruitment experts, is put to good use, offering real benefits to all of our clients. Whether you are seeking an engineer to fulfil a technical role, or looking for those who can provide back office functions, we’re able to identify the right candidates.

When considering candidates, we appreciate the value of maintaining high standards. Prior to offering you a list of candidates, we always ensure that a full screening process is undertaken. Your time is precious, meaning that we are always acutely aware of the need to only provide you with the details of those who we genuinely believe will be a good fit for your organisation.

As well as assisting with the recruitment of permanent members of staff, we’re also able to help in a range of other areas. From managing contractors, to handling your HR and payroll requirements, we’re on hand to serve as a trusted partner.

However we are engaged to help your business, we also take great care when considering the personalities and work history of prospective candidates. Iraq provides a unique working environment, offering a mixture of challenges and opportunities. Some people thrive in this environment, while others find life more difficult. Part of our process involves assessing the likely performance of future recruits, enabling us to focus efforts on finding those who will enjoy working in Iraq and who will be able to embrace the working culture.

It’s very difficult for new recruitment agencies to understand how life in Iraq differs from that elsewhere around the globe. This helps to explain why so many of our clients are keen to work with a local expert. It also offers a reflection of why we invest heavily in the skills of our own workforce: our highly skilled team members are better able to deliver results.

If you’re interested in recruiting to posts here in Iraq, then get in touch to find out more about how we can help.