Recruitment agency in Iraq

Posted on 27/02/2022

There are many recruitment agencies around the world, so why would you choose to use a local agency?

Based on our own experience and feedback that we have received over the years from clients, we believe there are strong reasons for choosing to work with a local provider in 2022.

Knowledge of the local jobs market

As you would expect, we help numerous employers to find the right employees for particular projects and for long-term roles. That constant engagement with both employers and candidates means that we are well-positioned to offer advice and insights when it comes to the jobs market here in Iraq including Kurdistan.

We can save you time and money, by identifying available talent, providing information on current typical pay rates, and also notifying you of any difficulties that might be experienced by other employers who are looking to recruit. Coming into contact with hundreds of potential candidates means that we also have an awareness of their career expectations, enabling us to ensure that your role is positioned in the best possible manner.

Access to skills

There are many different reasons why you may be looking to recruit, but it’s likely that your business has very specific requirements, in terms of the skills that are needed. This is one area where a leading local agency can really make a difference.

When you make use of our services at mselect, you gain access to our reach and to our extensive network of contacts. This network can be invaluable. It allows us to quickly put you in touch with individuals who have the very specific skills that you are looking for. If you are seeking particular skills for a project, for example, or need some short-term cover, then we’re able to help.

Saving you time

Although overseas agencies might be able to provide a service of sorts, they are working with an inherent disadvantage: their lack of knowledge of the local market, when combined with a lack of contacts, means that they will be starting from scratch. What this means is that you will effectively be paying for the time that it takes to get up to speed. As a result, you can expect to spend more money and it’s also likely that it will take you that bit longer to fill posts.

When you work with mselect, you receive a shortcut to success. Our team can immediately swing into action, working to deliver results for your business from the outset.

Established presence

Finally, we believe that there is a great benefit associated with being able to have peace of mind. We have a reputation to maintain, having spent many years providing a high-quality service. That established presence is only maintained by continuing to offer an approach that consistently meets and exceeds client expectations.

If you are looking to hire, then it makes sense to use a local recruitment agency. Here at mselect, we have the expertise that you need to make the most of the job market, hiring the best candidates here in Iraq.