3 Brilliant Benefits Of Hiring Outsourced Workers

Posted on 17/05/2017
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With the recent set of challenges facing companies in our region – chiefly the unstable security situation, political risk, and a lack of public spending – more businesses are turning to specialist staffing companies to solve their staffing needs.

The bottom line is that people build companies. Getting your hiring right goes a long way to your business’s success.

In this piece, we look at 3 brilliant benefits that your company can take advantage of through outsourcing its human resources needs.

1. Employee costs become variable rather than fixed

Hiring and firing is expensive and time-consuming. Hiring outsourced workers through a staffing specialist allows your company to scale up or down with relative ease and make changes to your staffing structure whatever the reason. Your employee costs become variable rather than fixed. This is much more complicated when your people are all internal employees.

Work in general is undergoing considerable change, largely instigated by technological disruption and globalisation. More people prefer greater flexibility, with increasing preference for six-month, one year or two year contracts rather than permanent. Gone are the days of people staying at a company for life.

By working with a specialist staffing agency, changing manpower needs is seamless, with ready-made replacements lined up to fill your worker needs.

The key takeaway

You can hire or lay off employees based on the demand levels of your business. This cuts costs and allows your company to be adaptable in pursuit of its business goals.

2. All human resources and payroll matters are covered

A staffing agency offering a comprehensive service will not only provide your company with the right people in the roles you need to fill, but it will also take care of all of the associated administrative responsibilities. These include all duties to do with taxes, social security, insurance, employment contracts, payroll and any legal matters.

In addition to these responsibilities, at MSELECT, we also handle all other administrative duties so you don’t have to, including performance reviews, leave management and any amendments to employment terms.

The key takeaway

These areas of business are often seen as onerous. Tax and legal matters require specialist knowledge, and if they are not done correctly, it can take a long time and the costs can spiral. With all HR and payroll needs taken care of, your company doesn’t have to be concerned with managing these responsibilities, allowing it to focus on other areas of business.

3. You have peace of mind when hiring in a foreign market

Hiring for the Iraqi market if your company is from another country can be difficult. Like any foreign market (although especially important in a frontier economy), it is crucial to find a partner that understands the business culture, language and customs. With a good staffing agency, experienced in your sector, you will gain access to a strong talent pool. Otherwise, it can be difficult to find and attract the right talent.

The key takeaway

When hiring for a foreign market, it is essential to have insider knowledge regarding all areas of employment, from legal matters to salary levels. Then there are country-specific issues such as culture.

By hiring outsourced workers with a reputable specialist staffing agency, you have peace of mind safe in the knowledge that all of this is taken care of. You can focus on your core business knowing that all staffing needs meet compliance and legal requirements.

The final word

Hiring right cannot be an afterthought. It is essential for successful expansion into any foreign market and through working with outsourced talent via a specialist staffing agency, your company can reap the rewards.

At MSELECT, we are highly experienced in delivering premium outsourced staffing solutions to international companies in our region. With our large support team, we are proud to provide our services to major global corporations with operations in Iraq and Lebanon.

We are dedicated to matching your company with the very best talent in the market. Here are just some of our services:

  1. Recruitment - Permanent, Contract, and Temporary

  2. Outsourced Services - contractor management, workforce projects, and payroll

  3. HR Consultancy

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