Get Your Dream Career With Low Cost Job Training In Iraq

Posted on 28/03/2017
Trainees at MSELECT

The job market is more difficult and demanding than ever, in Iraq and Iran, and globally. Virtually every sector in the economy has been disrupted by technology and globalisation.

This has increased the need for companies to find candidates who are capable with technology and offer a range of soft skills. Are technical and soft skills required more in your profession? This is where low cost job training makes the difference.

These changes have also increased the speed at which job requirements evolve. But thankfully globalisation and technology advances have also brought a lot of opportunity to jobseekers. It is now easier than ever to learn new skills both in-person and online, with many people consistently improving their professional appeal by learning new skills.

How low cost job training helps your CV to shine

Language skills, technical training, industry-specific specialised knowledge. These are just some of the areas that strengthen your job application and really make employers take notice of you.

Technical skills

Depending on your role, proven technical skills in computers, engineering, mathematics or the sciences are in high demand by employers across industries. The smart professional never stops learning, adding new job training certificates to their CV.

Industry-specific specialist courses

If, for example, you are an engineer, the likelihood is that for every job you apply to, there are dozens of other engineer applicants. But if you can add to your education and experience with highly specialised courses specific to your industry and role, your profile will stand out from the rest.


As the language of global communication, English will always be highly valued by companies with an international workforce or foreign clients. Speaking the language of a neighbouring country is also generally highly valued. Do you speak other languages? Could you improve your foreign language skills or take a technical language course designed to help you professionally?

Continual learning ensures that you keep up to date with changes, that you keep learning more, and importantly, that you make yourself even more attractive to employers.

Low cost job training for every job type with MSELECT Academy

At MSELECT Academy we work directly with our clients and partners, including BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil and the World Bank, to deliver highly practical, fully accredited courses to help your career move forward. We know what companies want in their employees. We know what they want from you and what will give you a great career.

Would you like to learn about a new area in your sector at low cost? Perhaps you’d like to learn how to be effective at sales and marketing? Or maybe a language course?

Our fully qualified teachers offer courses in Oil & Gas, Leadership & Management, Sales & Marketing, HR Management, Finance & Accounting, PMP™, Mini-MBA, Computer Skills, Language Skills, and much more. 

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and let’s take your career to the next level!

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