Recruiting within the oil sector

Posted on 13/07/2016
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If you are looking to recruit within the oil and gas sector, then what should you be looking out for? Our recruitment services in the Middle East are designed to put great businesses in touch with great new recruits. Although we are talking here about a specialist field, the variety of available candidates may be rather greater than you envisage.

IT and Support roles

With a plethora of IT and support roles available within most large organisations, it can sometimes seem like it will be difficult to fill them all. In reality, however, it’s likely that you will have a diverse range of potential employees available to you. If you’re looking for networking or IT support specialists, for example, then it may not immediately be possible to find those individuals who have spent years working within the energy sector.

This needn’t mean, however, that your search for great new employees will be doomed to end in failure. It’s often a case of simply widening the net, although this may not be obvious, if you don’t have professional expertise.

The reality is that handling computer networking, to take one example, is not something that is specific to the oil sector. A networking specialist may well have picked up the necessary expertise by working in a completely different industry. The same is true of an individual providing desktop support services: if your organisation is using Windows-based technology, for example, then you’ll find that there are many thousands of other businesses using similar set-ups. This dramatically increases the number of suitable candidates that you will have available to you.

Project Management

As with any major business, those enterprises involved in oil and gas are often dependent upon the ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. You’ll already appreciate that this isn’t something that happens by accident: in order to produce impressive results on a wide range of projects, you’ll need to recruit project managers who can step up to the plate.

Once again, this provides evidence of an area where it’s not necessary to always seek those who have previous experience within the sector. The reality is that a great project manager should have the flexibility to switch between sectors, using those transferrable skills to seamlessly take on tasks and to produce the expected results.

Human Resources

Your HR division will play a vital role in assisting with recruitment of specialists, which means that it’s of vital importance that you should attract HR professionals of the right calibre. Just as with project management, HR experts have transferrable skills that enable them to quickly turn their attention to working in a new sector, helping to recruit and administer the staff who are central to the success of the business.


Even the seemingly specialist roles within the industry, such as chemical engineers, will often allow you to reach out to those who are currently working within other sectors. The key to successful recruitment is often taking the time to seek out those who will provide a good match, no matter where they are currently working. Are you able to see the potential that is offered by individual candidates? If so, you can expect to recruit those who will succeed.