MSELECT secure contract with Shell

Posted on 17/07/2016

MSELECT are pleased to announce the award of a services contract by Shell in Iraq. Based on the Majnoon oil field, north of Basra, MSELECT will be providing uninterrupted IT infrastructure services at the Majnoon site. 

Working within one of the world’s largest oil fields on this prestigious project, the MSELECT personnel will be managing and executing the required activities associated with delivering IT infrastructure projects on site. These activities are often multi-dimensional, involving safety compliance, documentation, processes, co-ordination with other third parties and materials.

The contract requires MSELECT to provide both national and expat personnel, offering support in a range of areas including: Technical IT Infrastructure Delivery Service; Document and Data Management Services; Document and Data Transactional Services. The award represents a significant milestone for us, ensuring that many of the world’s major oil companies now work with MSELECT, the region's recruitment and personnel experts.

About Shell

A global group of companies, employing more than 90,000 people worldwide, Shell are respected leaders in the fields of energy and petrochemicals. Royal Dutch Shell was formed in 1907 and the company still has its headquarters in the Netherlands today. Operating in more than 70 countries around the world and with interests in some 23 refineries, Shell invested more than $1 billion in research and development during the course of 2015. Operations are split into five core areas: Integrated Gas, Upstream, Downstream, Projects & Technology and Unconventional Resources.

The first shipment of crude oil from the Majnoon oil field was made in 2014 and production currently stands at around 210,000 barrels per day, which is in excess of initial projections. The preparations involved clearing a considerable number of explosives and contaminants, meaning that bringing production on-stream has marked a significant milestone for the business.

Shell have shown a commitment to working with local businesses, while a women’s literacy programme has also been supported, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. Money has also been ploughed into a number of other local projects, including the provision of new football pitches. There has also been a strong local focus on driver training and road safety awareness, with an outreach programme involving local schools. The company remains committed to making an ongoing investment within the region.

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