Oil and Gas jobs in Iraq

Posted on 20/02/2016
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Employment seekers often identify the wealth of opportunities that are available within the Iraqi oil and gas sector. With lucrative positions available in an exciting working environment, now could be a great time to make your move.

Here at mselect, we believe that it’s important to offer potential candidates as much information as possible.

We like to ensure that employers are able to source the very best candidates too, which means that we put considerable effort into identifying those individuals who we know will have the potential to deliver great results.

The oil fields of Iraq are known to be extremely large, with experts suggesting that there are only four countries of the world with larger reserves available to them: Venezuela, Saud Arabia, Canada and Iran. Those oil reserves are primarily found in the areas surrounding the cities of Basra, Baghdad, Kirkuk and Ramadi. As might be expected, most available jobs in the sector tend to be located close to one of those major oil fields together with the various oil fields of Kurdistan.

International oil extraction companies have contracts in place that cover a number of Iraq’s oil fields, meaning that many specialists who are employed within the sector typically find roles within multinational corporations.

The sector continues to have a dominant role within the local economy, making up the vast majority of exports. A number of pipelines, together with the use of major ports, enable those exports.

As you may well have identified from the description of the present day Iraqi oil sector, there are many opportunities available for those who are skilled, experienced and driven to succeed. Employers need those with a wide range of skills and place great emphasis upon the ability to demonstrate experience of working in the same sector elsewhere. Our job listings show that there are plenty of opportunities available to you right now.

If you have a particular interest in working within the sector

then a good starting point is to consider the type of role that you are likely to be suited to. The nature of the industry is such that there are plenty of different roles to choose from, meaning that you are likely to be able to find an excellent position, whether you are a technician, a welder, an administrative assistant, a structural engineer, a pipefitter, a scaffolder, an instrument technician, or someone with skills in another area. As well as core roles, there are always requirements from those carrying out support tasks too.

Many employers are prepared to offer enticing packages, complete with assistance with relocating from elsewhere. If you are looking for a job that is located within a particular area of Iraq, however, then you can use more limited criteria within our job search pages.

We’re dedicated to finding candidates great positions here in Iraq. We’ve successfully helped many previous candidates to discover the opportunities that are offered within the oil and gas sector here. To find out more, browse through our job listings and get in touch to discuss your ideal role.