Finding jobs in Erbil

Posted on 13/02/2016
Erbil Kurdistan Recruitment Agency

The city of Erbil, is the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan region. With a population approaching 1.7 million people, it is a thriving metropolis. Draped in history, the cultural heart of the city has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Boasting an impressive museum

an international airport and an agreeable climate, with very mild winters, the city is now attracting an increasing number of overseas tourists and those who are seeking work within the region.

Visitors are attracted by the array of parks and gardens, together with extensive shopping opportunities in the city’s numerous malls. The local economy depends heavily upon the oil and gas industries, with a significant proportion of those employed in the city and its surroundings being part of a highly skilled workforce. Poverty rates are low here, while many residents are enjoying successful business careers.

Viewed as an up and coming area, it’s no surprise that a significant number of workers from overseas have been looking at opportunities within Erbil.

Vibrant local economic conditions have attracted multi-national companies operating in a range of fields too, which is reflected in the types of jobs that are being made available. Employers are often seeking administrative staff, accounting specialists, sales representatives, those with HR knowledge and computing experts. Examining employment sectors, it becomes clear that there are options for those within interests in retail, health, civil engineering, education and construction, to name but a few. Although there are plenty of openings within the energy sector, these represent the tip of the iceberg.

What can you expect when working in Erbil?

Many experience a positive lifestyle change, complete with the opportunity to explore new horizons. In career terms, those who are drawn to the city often find that they are able to progress quickly, enabling them to follow an accelerated career path. Typical salaries are also highly competitive, while the range of additional perks can be substantial. Some employers provide packages aimed at assisting new recruits to find accommodation, with others subsidising living costs.

Working in Erbil can be an extremely rewarding experience

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