Office Procedures & Administration (CPD)

Location Erbil

Fee 350


Sunday, 14 January 2024


Thursday, 18 January 2024

Office Procedures and Administration (CPD)

Administrative assistants, secretaries and office managers need a strong set of essential skills to enable them to more efficiently and effectively manage their work environment and ensure their success in their critical role and the success of their managers and other team members who depend on them for support. This four-day training program is packed with techniques for improving the most essential basic business writing skills as well as both verbal and non-verbal communication in general in addition to proper time management and general office organization techniques that will help administrative assistants, secretaries and office managers in performing their day to day tasks more confidently and professionally.



Course Objectives


By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Explain six basic principles of communication.

  • Communicate clearly, confidently and assertively.

  • Listen and ask insightful questions to interact more effectively.

  • Combine voice tone and non-verbal communication with appropriate language to influence others.

  • Enhance their business writing skills by using a five-step business writing process.

  • Set clear goals and objectives for better planning and performance.

  • Improve their organization skills.

Outline of topics


Module 1 : Communicate clearly and confidently:

  1. How well do you communicate?

  2. Six basic principles of communication.

  3. Focus on Behavior NOT personality.

  4. Being specific.

  5. Use the power of questions.

  6. Listen Actively.

  7. Communicate assertively.

  8. Understanding Non-verbal communication.


Module 2 : Professional Business writing:

  1. The professional business writing process.

  2. Pre-writing steps.

  3. Editing your writing.

  4. Conciseness.

  5. Active and passive voice.

  6. Parallel construction.

  7. Proofreading your writing.

  8. Sentence agreement.

  9. Punctuation.

  10. Spelling.


Module 3 : Getting organized & time management :

  1. Organizing your workspace.

  2. Dealing with email and paperwork.

  3. Prioritizing and using a to do list.

  4. Planning and scheduling.

  5. Planning small and large meetings.

  6. Establish a Systematic and Efficient Approach to Work Using Prioritization and Time Management Strategies

Training Methodology

Participants in this Office Procedures & Administration training course will enjoy interactive and practical exercises delivered through media to suit every kind of learning preference. training course activities will include activities in groups and pairs as well as individual exercises. Everyone will get the opportunity to discuss their work challenges in a supportive environment.


Time Schedule

  • Time: 09:30 – 16:00 pm

  • Duration: Five days

  • Language: English

  • Location: Erbil, Iraq

  • CPD Certification & Refreshment included

  • Price: 350 USD

Organisational Impact

Employees who attend this training course will add value to their organisation by being empowered to implement the following skills:

  1. A more proactive outlook

  2. Increased creativity and productivity

  3. Motivation and customer focus

  4. Reduced absenteeism through an ability to manage and reduce stress

  5. Increased self-awareness and interpersonal skills

  6. Better time management


Where are classes held?

All courses will take place at mselect training center in Erbil.


How do I register?

You can register by emailing with the following details:

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For more information, please call 066 261 4455 or (0)772 617 5794