ISO 22000:2018 - Elements of Food Safety Management System

Location Erbil

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Tuesday, 14 November 2023


Thursday, 16 November 2023

ISO 22000:2018 - Elements of Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

This course will give you the knowledge you need to understand the key aspects of food safety and will increase your awareness of the risks and diverse health issues relating to food safety.

The Food Safety Management training course will provide deeper insights on how to implement an effective and robust Food Safety Policy in any organization in the food production, supply and consumption chain. This training course will enable an organization to minimize the risk of exposing itself to legal and financial risks as a result of failing to deliver safe and healthy food to its customers and/or end-consumers.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Know and understand the food safety and management system requirements of ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System (FSMS)

  2. Describe the model of a hazard analysis based FSMS and risk-based approach of ISO 22000

  3. Describe the role of internal audit in the maintenance and improvement of management systems

  4. How to develop and manage a food safety system


What is the course methodology?

Participants will learn through lectures, case studies, group exercises and discussions.


Who should attend?

  1. Those responsible for managing food safety and supply chains

  2. Those who want to implement an ISO 22000 system.


The Course Content

Introduction to and basic definitions of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)

  • Food Safety Management System principles in the light of the new ISO22 000:2018

  • International Guidelines and Regulations regarding food safety

  • Understanding organizational needs and expectations relating to the implementation of an FSMS

Food Safety Policy: The Risk-Based Thinking Approach

  • Establishing and communicating the Food Safety Policy

  • Assigning the organizational roles and responsibilities

  • Setting the Food Safety Management System objectives

Support and Documentation Requirements for ISO22000

  • Resource requirements: People, infrastructure and work environment

  • Personnel competence and awareness

  • Maintaining an effective internal and external communication

  • Documentation requirements of ISO 22000 – Creating and Updating documents

  • Detailed reference to documents with specific examples on the design and use of forms

  • Control of documents as evidence of conformity and traceability

Operational Planning and Control: The Realization of Safe Products

  • Hazard control and analysis: Control measures and Hazard control plan

  • Control of monitoring and measuring activities/Verification planning

  • Control of product and process nonconformities: Corrective actions, product release/withdrawal/recall

Performance Evaluation and Improvement of the Food Safety Management System

  • The critical steps in performance evaluation: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation

  • Internal audits in the context of ISO 22000 – team exercise on an internal audit

  • Q&A and wrap-up session


Time and Location:

  1. Location: Erbil, mselect Academy.

  2. Duration: 3 days

  3. Time: 09:30 – 16:00 pm

  4. Refreshment included




Must be made 5 working days before the start of the course. Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer or through exchange offices.


How do I register?

You can register by emailing with the following details:

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