Event Management

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Event Management

Well planned and stylized events are no longer confined to the business sector. Whether it's charities, business sectors, sporting, the political world, or in entertainment, everyone now uses events to promote and celebrate a variety of issues, occasions, and themes. The opportunities for a career as an event planner are endless. Event planning is now big business.

This Event Management course is packed with clear, practical knowledge, and tips and insights from within the event planning industry. Use your creative flair, passion for making things happen, and people skills to carve out a successful career in the exciting world of event management. Get started on becoming an event planner today.


Module 1: What Is Event Management?

  1. What is Event Management?

  2. Different types of events

  3. Role of the Event Manager

  4. Project Management

  5. Strength & Weaknesses of the event management profession (elements of SWOT)

  6. Crisis Management

  7. Planning Your Career

Module 2: Working with Clients

  1. Introduction

  2. Planning and preparing for the meeting

  3. First impressions and presentation

  4. What does your client need?

  5. What comes next? Timeframes

Module 3: Basic Elements for All Events

Module 4: Work plan

Module 5: The Event

  1. Last-minute preparations

  2. During the event

  3. Business cards

  4. Evaluating the event

  5. After the event: Keeping up with your clients, partners, and guests

  6. After Event Activity

Who should attend this course

This course is suitable for a wide range of participants who wish to develop knowledge and understanding of planning and running an event. It may be useful as an introduction for those who wish to pursue a career as an event planner or for those working in or preparing for a wide range of job roles in diverse sectors which require them to plan and organise events as part of their responsibilities.

In this course, you can expect to learn the following:
  • Understand what is expected of you as an events manager.

  • Risk you may face when planning an event

  • Identify why customer service skills are so important along with how to improve your communication skills effectively.

  • Learn about the various types of events you may be asked to manage during your career.

  • Understand the importance of financial management.

  • Learn how manage the finances effectively throughout the event.

  • How to choose the right venues, hidden extras, negotiating the best prices and more.

  • Organising transportation.

  • How to start your own events management business.

Delivery method.
  • In-person, learning methods include open discussions, group exercises and individual response to mini tests throughout the day.


The time and duration of the course.
  • Duration: 2 Days

  • Time: 2:00-7:30 PM (2 Breaks/Day each 15 Minute)

  • Location: Erbil, Iraq

  • Language: Kurdish & English

  • ​Price: 195 USD

  • Venue: mselect

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